Your Week Ahead: September 4 to 10, 2022 – Dropping the Pain

5 of Swords, Ace of Cups, and Ace of Swords, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

In what ways can I bring more softness, more understanding, and more wisdom into my environment? This week brings us these kinds of questions and we could do well to examine how we communicate our feelings to those around us. It might be uncomfortable to probe because at the root of things lies an important aspect of our healing and our need for nourishment. We all have something that gets bumped or bruised and it’s not so easy to separate our need for acknowledgment. This week’s reading suggests new insights and a new space for a different kind of reaction.

When the 5 of Swords appears, there can be the sensation of being confronted by someone who has power over us. Occasionally, given the aspects to other cards, this card represents the disarming of hurtful qualities. It might mean that we accept the terms of something while acknowledging that sore points would only be kept alive if we hold on to our swords.

In essence, we are confronted by our own desire to be free of something. That “something” looms larger than us because it feels important. Its vibration has increased so ignoring it feels tense and heavy within our core. Perhaps the dropping of swords indicates our ability to stop the cycle of getting our backs up and defending our position so that others are not put into the same reactive mindset against us.

What makes this position more clear is the presence of two ace cards, one of love and one of wisdom. We are opening up a new paradigm of interacting both within ourselves and with others. This is presenting us with a fresh new start in promoting space for well being and for clarity.

I see the two ace cards as one experience, one aspect that gets birthed from adversity. We sense this and feel it because we cannot continue to walk on a path that is filled with conflict. The key here is our ability to listen.

Listening opens spaces and makes room for all kinds of experiences to be present, even if they are different. Listening decreases the ego’s need to be validated should it feel less in the spotlight. Listening doesn’t mean blindly agreeing with whatever is said. It means that we can hear what is being said and then choose to decide later.

Listening can sometimes be challenging and we all need refreshers from time to time. We can still communicate when things stall. Often times, conflict is about something else, some other need that hasn’t come out. That inner dialogue will always be our work to nourish and soothe. When we do so, it is amazing how we bring that to our relationships.

Love fosters more love. Understanding creates more ease. Barriers are dropped and acceptance increases. The power of unconditional love and wisdom clears the dark room of psychic debris, resentments, and mental clutter. It brings in the light and shines brightly, bringing together disparate elements back into harmony.

Affirmation: I try now to practice effective listening so that I create new spaces for acceptance and understanding. I am mindful of my words so that I can increase well being and strive to build stronger bonds of love. I breathe love into all the places where it is needed now.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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