Your Week Ahead: August 28 to September 3, 2022 – Where To From Here?

Knight of Pentacles, The Hierophant, and 4 of Cups, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

“Where to from here” can often have a stuck feeling about it. It’s not surprising that it invokes a kind of standstill perspective as it almost certainly comes after a period of activity and progression. The moment presents itself as a time to ask questions. This week’s reading is a clear message that we are being taken deeper to find some of those answers.

Within this aspect of cards and energies lies an initiation. It is the sacred space of Life As The Great Teacher. How we respect this space can be prepared by offering our trust that what we receive will be what we need to carry forward, even if we should not immediately understand its meaning.

A knight represents action and he is willing to pursue his purpose with the utmost of his abilities. This particular knight (of Pentacles) is in the realm of the earth. He has showed incredible strength of character and determination. He knows what needs to happen and how it should proceed. However, something is missing.

Moving quickly up to this point has not been a problem for him but he is gradually finding that things have become rather heavy. The journey feels as though he is toiling the soil forever rather than cultivating a harvest.

The soil is rich and black. The land blessed and abundant. Yet the journey is in need of deeper nourishment. He has come to a place where he needs some understanding as to why he is required to have patience, or how to have it. What is its value and how does it benefit him and others in his life.

The sacred space that opens up with The Hierophant describes the receiving of instruction and insight. More importantly, it is an initiation into a new level of understanding so that we may offer that space to others. It is a cycle that creates more of itself.

As with any cycle, we can direct ourselves to a start fresh. Leaving something behind also means leaving behind stories that have cramped our internal landscape. It can be a challenge especially if we feel the need to correct something. The sensation to look for here will be one of softness.

Love is soft. It is isn’t demanding. It is guiding and is an example simply by its presence. Without describing its opposite, see if we can reach more for the opening of spaces, rather than the closing of them. The opening of hearts, rather than the closing of them. What does it mean and how does it feel to close down rather than open up? What causes tension vs what creates relaxation?

If we can detach ourselves emotionaly (4 of Cups) and be open to seeing things differently, then we will be less attached to our pain that only closes oursevles off and isolates us. That approach will allow us to be more open to the Ace of Cups that is right there in front of us presenting us with love that has no strings attached.

Cultivating self love always creates more of it and more of what we can share. As the week opens up with a powerful New Moon on Saturday August 27, see if you can reach for more openness and space. The heaviness will dissipate and one may feel more able to connect with the earth’s gifts rather than to make demands of it. It’s a balance and an interplay that can speak to many things in our lives. The offering of the Ace of Cups will be seen and we may just find that it is the answer we’ve been looking for all along.

Affirmation: The moment presented to me now allows me to understand something special. The guidance I receive is meant to show me how I can better serve myself and my situation. I am easy and comfortable, and with an open heart, I reach out for the love that is being given, and that is my own inherent true natural state of being.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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