Your Week Ahead: November 6 to 12, 2022 – Lunar Eclipse (November 8)

Dear Readers,

In the spirit of the eclipse season we are in and the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday November 8, 2022 (conjunct Uranus), I share a poem I wrote a few years ago. Sometimes, it is best to say less and observe more, to listen more, and to make space for guidance and sacred wisdom.

I wish you much peace and harmony,


The Oracle

Under many stars we find our path,

Under the rays of the Moon we are guided,

We vibrate a tone through the Universe,

Ancient in its radiant origins,

Multifaceted like a diamond.

And as our lives expand beyond the peripheries of our dreams,

We experience the sacredness of our wisdom.

As we listen to our deepest voice in our quietest mind,

We experience the integrity of the creation of our life.

Daniel Palmo

(December 2014)

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let us be awake.

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