Your Week Ahead: October 30 to November 5, 2022 – No Pressures

Page of Cups, King of Swords, and 7 of Swords, from the Waite-Smith tarot deck.

What happens when we lighten our hearts and minds, when we don’t exert any demands over ourselves and others? How is our core being affected by this approach, and further, how does this influence our actions? These are some questions that come to mind in looking at this week’s reading.

The difference between the page and the king is obviously one of maturity and perhaps social ranking. The page can be regarded as a younger person or having a youthful approach, while the king represents oversight and responsibility. Both are valuable because an innocent perspective grounds the authoritative one by reminding it of its need to come back to simple everyday joys. Vice versa, the mature one becomes a guide so that the child has some structure to work with providing an understanding of the world that is opening up for him or her.

Both simplicity and responsibility are interwoven here as the curious heart is nurtured by wisdom and council. This could represent a coming to terms with naivety and viewing things purely from a kind of self wrapped idealism. While this is not harming anything, having the King of Swords come after the Page of Cups suggests that guidance is needed regarding a decision.

We may think that things are simple but the king observes from a higher perspective. There are implications to consider, and the page hasn’t acquired that knowledge yet. The Page of Cups could feel overwhelmed by the options, so the king shows how we either get in touch with a more real part of ourselves, or we find that energy in someone helpful to us.

The king here also is brought down to a more basic level of application of his knowledge. He understands the limitations felt by the page and articulates things in a manner appropriate to the page’s conceptual language. The point here is that both are working together to address something.

While the 7 of Swords describes an action of unknowable outcomes, there is the sense or pressure of making a bold move. Caution is needed as well as being grounded in integrity and honesty. Be careful of any action that can’t be delayed. If there is a need to respond, first ask if more time can be given. The person in the 7 of Swords is not working with all the information and there is a good chance that things will not improve.

Let the King of Swords guide you and any insecurities you may feel. Be honest about what you don’t know and give things more time to ripen. Making an action just so that it can be dealt with and moved off your plate quickly may not be the best approach at this time. There is no pressure. Let the purity of your wisdom and ability to respond come through in a clear minded manner. Then you will surely be on better ground to act.

Affirmation: I allow my heart and mind to come together now and to flow their loving energy smoothly inside my being. If there is something I need to know more about, I ask that I come to the right information so that my actions are aligned with my highest good. I welcome the truth.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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