Your Week Ahead: October 23 to 29, 2022 – All In Good Time

3 of Wands, 8 of Cups, and King of Pentacles, from the Waite-Smith tarot deck.

I can’t think of a better introduction to this week’s reading than to give you the words of Brendan Perry, from his beautiful song “All In Good Time”:

“All your ships have left their moorings, cast adrift on the Sargasso Sea, waiting for the wind, to set your sails free.”

The cards laid out here describe perfectly the absence of struggle or tension while being in a place of meditative acceptance. We even have the 8 of Cups describing Tuesday’s New Moon Solar Eclipse. The indications throughout tell us that we have already made our intentions clear. Now we simply allow ourselves to move freely with the flow of that momentum to our emergence shown in the King of Pentacles.

The casting off of our ships, shown in the 3 of Wands, is the moment we become larger than we thought we could. We embrace and become part of a larger world, moving past a barrier from the private into the realm of possibility. We don’t yet know the results of all those future interactions, yet our energy has moved us towards them nonetheless.

Coupled with the next card, the 8 of Cups, suggests that we now leave things rest while those intentions get acquainted with their targets. It’s a time of leaving things be and not worrying about getting it right or making things happen. No cups are overturned here. Instead we are pulled inwards towards the cave, climbing up slightly as we find within ourselves the calm state of knowing our truth.

Often, our anxieties can play tricks on us as we imagine the future and the failures we think we will experience based on our insecurities. More often, those failures never play out the way we think. We are somehow surprised by this and shake off our pessimism like a half forgotten dream.

The Solar Eclipse takes us deep, transforming us and flushing out the debris of our old stories that hold us back. There is nothing to be done except to be at peace with the cleanse and the clarity that arises as a result.

What arises from this process is an embodiment of our highest aspirations. The King of Pentacles here shows the recognition of something inherently strong and impeccable within us. It is the expression of a very mature and responsible aspect of our character where we stand by something that gives us life.

We not only sit grounded in our garden, we connect to our life force that benefits many others. When we do good internal work, everyone benefits. That which we have cast off to future shores imminently transforms us into the very person or being we aspire to be. It is not so much about a product that we endeavour to market; rather, that we change psychologically once we do so.

The world becomes a place that we have created and that we can now step into. Once that seat is taken, we get to take things further as our expressiveness becomes dynamic and interactive. You have already become that which you aspire to be. This reading shows the gentle unfoldment and manifestation of that aspiration.

Don’t be distracted by insecurities or fears. Let them wash away in the peace of your inner world. Let yourself come to accept and step into a new and fresh awareness. From there, your ability to respond will be heightened and wise, and the benefits immense.

Affirmation: The wise and beautiful person I know myself to be is taking their seat in the core of my being. May I establish myself in the integrity of my actions so that my world transforms into a garden of effortless possibilities.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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