Your Week Ahead: October 16 to 22, 2022 – Benefactors and Blessings

King of Pentacles, Page of Wands, and The Lovers, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

This week, a potentially beautiful vibration surrounds us, one that has us feeling warm and supported, and guided to a unique relationship with ourselves and our understanding of our environment. What we do with it is up to us. All we need to do is show up and be aware of the blessings we are being given. So much can open up when we do.

I consider the King of Wands to be a benefactor. Sometimes he represents our own ability to manage our affairs with skill, self-worth and financial vision. He can also manifest as an advisor, mentor or employer who acknowledges our worth and contribution to an enterprise.

There isn’t a power dynamic here that is out of balance. There is integration and an understanding of how each component of something supports the other. The king manages this balance with a kind of tender love that allows him to create a flourishing kingdom for everyone, not just himself. Are you “the king”, or are you around “the king”? Either way, there’s plenty to go around. That’s the feeling anyway.

What is interesting is that the Page of Wands appears next, taking his staff with him towards the future as he gently gazes at it. The king nods softly in his direction, nudging him along. This feels like a gift, kind of like a bonus for good work. Or at least encouragement given that makes the page feel good about himself and his talents.

The fundamental principle with benefactors and wealth is the appreciation for each person’s ability to create for themselves. Such a potential for richness only enhances the kingdom’s radiance and standards for success and achievement. This is a land of artistry, academia, architecture and abundance.

Coming down a little from that vision is simply the sensation of support and of guidance toward self-expression. How that support manifests will be unique to each individual. A key thing to know is that metaphysically, the King of Pentacles is our own connection to abundance, and how we manage that pure expression of the universe.

Self-worth is always the key to personal well-being and wholeness. Continuing the story shows that the page meets with an angle’s blessing. This could mean for some that a meeting of someone special could occur. For others, an opening to understanding the self-love that resides within each of us.

In a world where people generally place more value on relationships rather than their own individual radiance, it’s important to keep a healthy awareness regarding The Lovers card. Without overstating anything, we always have more to contribute when we feel whole ourselves.

Loving from our overflow is how we can attract a healthy interaction where we don’t “need” to be given something which we don’t have already. If we can’t find it within, chances are we will be disappointed when we think we’ve found it in someone else.

This doesn’t mean we don’t leave room to grow and expand in our loving encounters with someone. Indeed, to be unmoved would indicate too strong a boundary and being too stuck in our ways. Love should always move us in new directions.

The opening that The Lovers heralds, points back to the King of Pentacles. What has the king done to point us in this direction? If he is connected to finances and self-esteem, what is the relationship to The Lovers?

Beyond some initial answers of being a good matchmaker, the king has probably given us an opportunity to see ourselves and our potential in a new light. There is a guidance to an opening within where we receive inspiration to create something fresh and personal.

A blessing from above meets with our creative impulses and desires. This is shown first in the page’s wand, a symbol of sexuality. Then, in the mountain in The Lovers card, a phallic symbol, together with the serpent on the left apple tree, indicative of our kundalini energy and sparked desire nature. Two nude figures portray our vulnerability in our exposed state where we make space for contact and trust.

This rising and descending of energies further describes the heart centre chakra and the integration of our sexual and creative life force. The image below is the yantra for the heart chakra, with the two overlapping triangles meeting together. The upward pointing triangle is ascending from the root chakra, while the downward triangle decends from the crown. This is the point where our consciousness opens itself to love and expresses it outwardly. The heart centre is also a place where we undergo a very deep transformation. One can read more about the heart centre, kunalini energy, and the mysteries of shakti. There are a lot of profound teachings to discover on this subject.

The heart chakra yantra or power symbol.

This week offers a blessing. In turn, we are able to see ourselves and the world (and our relationships) differently, perhaps with a more open and loving embrace. How ever things flow for you, pay attention to the support you are given, the advice you receive, and how you feel your own world open up as a result of that energy. What comes to you mirrors you. May your self-worth be the loving attractor of all things whole and healthy.

Affirmation: The world feels like an opening landscape, full of beautiful vistas and rich green gardens. This inner world guides me to the wholeness I feel within me. May the goodness and abundance of the universe flow through me and open my life to limitless possibilities. I operate from my open Heart.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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