Your Week Ahead: December 4 to 10, 2022 – Solution, Not Isolation

The High Priestess, 7 of Wands, and The Emperor, from the Waite-Smith tarot deck.

The heart of our experience should always be viewed as an interior state that is reflected or projected outwardly. What we focus on determines the way we create beliefs. Those beliefs in turn create perspectives which then form the basis for how we interpret events and then formulate responses. This is a very simplified definition of self-awareness and how we interact with others.

We always have a choice about what we do in life and how we proceed or act. The choice is hopefully one we make with thoughtfulness and mindfulness. Being aware of one’s motivations and temperament is key to understanding ourselves and our uniqueness in this world. We all approach things differently with a sensitivity that is personal and profound.

Continuously re-evaluating ourselves could feel like we’re second guessing ourselves when we grasp at certainty and courage in the face of challenges. It is our path to embrace, I would suggest. In so doing, we create a space for spiritual learning and growth. It is our private affair and our inner work to question ourselves to ensure we are in fact holding to a position not just of integrity, but of compassion as well.

We should always strive to inform our impulse reactions with new energy and higher purpose. We bring light into our world by endeavouring to align with Source, with a view that is broader and more understanding, more open to positivity. The deeper we go inwardly to raise our vibration, the deeper we go into the heart of the universe. This is the invitation of The High Priestess.

Her message is not just about going into our depths, it is about going past the dualistic pull that has us caught in confusion and indecisiveness. Her deep feminine waters cool our minds and calm our hearts. Here, we can find the rhythm of our breath and the stillness of our thoughts. She has something to teach us and to guide us toward. In fact, going toward anything is again operating in a dualistic language for it implies a starting and ending point.

To contemplate her energy is simply to let ourselves become open, soft and relaxed. To move past her veil with a respect for the powerful inherent wisdom residing in the cells of all things. The unity we feel with the cosmos reveals our richly multi-dimensional state of being. When we are connected inwardly in this way, we have access to a very pristine level of consciousness. This clarity is powerful because it is not mired in the world of things, the world of attachment, aversion, and apathy.

The 7 of Wands and The Emperor suggests a notably exterior experience in contrast, and one more engaged with others. This is all the more wonderful that we have connected with The High Priestess first. Rising high above challenges, the figure in the seven card shows not just self confidence but clarity of application. This individual is more certain and more able to know what is true, and to base his actions upon that. We can’t run from our experiences; we meet them with integrity and leadership.

This process from inner work to clarity and purpose, allows us to embrace our self-authority. We move into this energetic state by being authentic. This isn’t to suggest that all we need to do is assert our notion of what’s right. Rather, we embody the solution in a manner that is not egotistical. Our inner alignment is strengthened by honest self-reflection. This is the warrior’s path. We have stripped ourselves down to the core, entered into the realm of truth and emerged with certainty. This is true power and authority. It leads from the radiance of the High Priestess’s wisdom and her gift to us. This is how we combine the beautiful masculine with the sacred feminine. Such an approach will serve us well, and our future will be laid on very strong foundations.

Ps. This week, there will be a Full Moon in Gemini on December 8 which will be conjunct Mars, also in Gemini. The moon’s energy will crest just as the figure in the 7 of Wands is raised energetically on his mount. I would suggest being aware of any heightened emotional states feeding our texts, emails and speech in general, especially as it relates to Gemini’s communicative element. Mars energy is invigorating but also irritating. Knowing what to say and how much to say will be important should this need be asked of you. A good guideline is: Less is more. Saying something once will be just fine and you’ll be surprised at just how far it goes. Mars energy continues the fight long after he’s won. If you’re unsure about sending an email, draft it and read it again in the morning. Mars brings good motivation and is an initiator. Let that guide any conversations. This will surely have a greater success in bringing people together rather than getting people’s backs against a wall. The goal is to arrive at solutions (not isolations), which is another way of saying, restoring balance.

Affirmation: I allow myself to go to the still point in my centre, where I can be quiet and at peace. Here, I know and feel my self-worth and understand how I can apply myself in the best possible way. I bring forth my best Self to all situations and stand in my truth and express my qualities with leadership and integrity.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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5 thoughts on “Your Week Ahead: December 4 to 10, 2022 – Solution, Not Isolation

  1. This really resonates with me. I have been feeling called to be more certain and yo have more confidence as I navigate my situations. There is so much to learn about attachment and learning to separate my definition of myself from the ego! Used this as my journal prompt for today, hoping to use next weeks the same way to help me set a weekly intention!


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