Your Week Ahead: December 11 to 17, 2022 – Replenishment Brings Clarity

8 of Cups, Page of Pentacles, and Page of Swords, from the Waite-Smith tarot deck.

Heaviness seems to be lifting this week, especially after last week’s rather intense Full Moon. For many, there were unexpected emergencies, varying degrees of chaos and emotional drama. Thankfully, our reading shows a quieter week with a notable lighter quality.

While the Full Moon’s energy could still be present, as shown in the 8 of Cups, it is moving to the background as we find a higher ground in terms of our need to find some inner calm. This is actually a New Moon Solar eclipse card, which in my view suggests the energy of renewal.

Whatever last week was about, it is past us and we have an opportunity to rest. In that repose, we can find ourselves and our footing by withdrawing even for short periods. Let it be a time for candles, tea and high vibrational reading, maybe even some meditation.

We often don’t know how our bodies are coping with stress until it’s too late. If we neglect ourselves in terms of taking a time out, our adrenals and nervous system accumulate tension, bring toxicity to our gut health and muscles. The world will not fall apart without us, shown in the standing cups.

In bringing this kind of replenishment, we will feel a gentle reintegration with things outside of our sphere. The page describes a youthful approach to things. However, it also shows how we have time to study things without the pressures of adult life. Perhaps this emphasizes the need to stay within a protected space so that we can watch our stress levels a bit longer.

These two pages look towards one another, which suggest their link. The pentacles describe a connection to the earth and to resources, while the swords convey intellect and communication. I would offer that this period invites a bit of clarity into how we take care of our connection to holistic healing, the Earth’s gifts, and how we feel once we do.

The clarity will give us the opportunity to try new things, to study how new methods work or don’t work for us. We may even share these revelations with those around us. Clarity also gives us the chance to define our space and to think creatively about our needs and boundaries.

Open yourself to thinking and feeling something different and see if that helps you create a better personal space for healing. What others learn from you could also be very valuable, but let that be something you surrender to the universe. Find some peace now and strive for a bit more simplicity. Have a bit more fun and find things to be curious about. My guess is your heart is craving this more than you know.

Affirmation: I take a nice deep breath and take some time out of the busy-ness of life to find a little more peace. I want to feel more lighter about things and find more joy in the simplicities that surround me. Let my inner child lead me to those gifts of well-being. I look after ME.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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