Your Week Ahead: December 25 to 31, 2022 – Beauty Surfaces

Page of Swords, The Hermit, and Queen of Cups, from the Waite-Smith tarot deck.

The activity of the mind can be a great stimulus for change and for understanding one’s inner and outer environment. Before this activity gets too involved in the subjects at hand, we have an approach that is very open and curious. This is a state where we are not preoccupied by how things will turn out. Since our attachment to an outcome is lowered, we are eager to dive into things with less resistance than might otherwise be the case.

It is as if our child-like self opens doors with magical keys that are not as ego-based as our adult self. Imagine yourself in a library, lost to the hour and the bustle of the outside world. You have books open around you, maybe music or art. You have all the time in the world it seems and there are unending things you want to learn about.

We may think we are wasting time in our unstructured day but so much seems to come to life. This is the world of the Page of Swords. Imagination is heightened and we want to see ourselves in our visions of the future and what it would be like. He represents our youth: confident and bold in pursuing is aims.

In our reading this week, something special occurs for us depicted as the page. We seem to be pulled toward a mystic figure. This could be about meeting an older person who seems to have some of the answers to our questions. If not an actual person, The Hermit represents a time of reflection where we take what we have learned so far to a much deeper level.

The difference between the library and The Hermit suggests how the intellect comes alive when our subconscious self is allowed to not only integrate knowledge but to let it speak. Becoming calm and making space for our archetypal energy to nourish the mind allows for that energy to be expressed in a specific way.

As we get to reflect and enjoy The Hermit’s wise council, he seems to fill in the missing links in our knowledge. The intellect can only go so far before it stops, unable to comprehend a landscape it knows only by words. The Hermit invites us into the heart of what we wish to understand by closing out the distractions of the world and its clever talk.

We may indeed travel an entire lifetime and never truly gain profound wisdom because of the mind’s way of “thinking” it has understood something. If we are to benefit from the beauty of The Hermit’s council, we need to let the intellect go, along with what we think we know.

Perhaps his message to us is to “feel” our way through our learning. He may lead us to a calm inner world where we are expressing something new, something full of creativity and life. The page undergoes a transformation and resurfaces as the Queen of Cups.

This queen is the embodiment of our creative self and how we nourish and express ourselves through our feelings. The maturation depicted in this reading further suggests how important The Hermit is for us. The Queen of Cups has tuned into the secret wisdom of the universe and effortlessly creates her magical offerings with her unique style and voice.

She indicates a time where your beauty surfaces based on something you delved into earlier. You have so much to share through the fullness of your heart. You may feel like you are coming back to yourself after a period of study. You feel refreshed after getting in touch with something profound. Things seem to make more sense because the mind is less linear and more heart-based. Enjoy this growth cycle and time of creativity. You deserve it.

Affirmation: There is so much I wish to learn and my heart feels eager to explore my visions for the future. I allow myself to be guided inward so that I can rest, close the door, and connect to source. The star that is lit within burns brightly showing me a way back to myself and what I love doing. In my refreshment, my true self emerges and my heart opens to new and beautiful paths.

I would like to extend my sincerest wishes to you for a very Merry Christmas, loving holiday season however you wish to celebrate, and a New Year filled with joy and child-like excitement. If we keep our hearts focused on that which makes us sing, we will create for ourselves a world full of birds.

Thank you so much for reading and for visiting my site. I hope it brings you some benefit. Much love…

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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