Your Week Ahead: January 1 to 7, 2023 – Spirit Calls Our Name

Justice, Judgement, and 4 of Swords, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

I thought I would take this opportunity to start the New Year with a new tarot deck I recently discovered. Honestly, I can’t even remember the sequence of events, whether it was a suggestion on Amazon or on Aeclectic Tarot, or if I scrolled through the list of published decks and was drawn to its name. That’s the magic of tarot; life is a bit like a dream where things connect effortlessly. They are a delight to work with and I love the imagery that Cathy McClelland has created. I contacted her and she very kindly gave me permission to use her deck here so I could share it with you. I hope you enjoy them.

Aspirations and intentions always seem to come up on New Year’s Day as we welcome in a desire for a fresh start. We seem to intuitively know that cycles are all around us and that deep down, we wish to participate in some kind of renewal.

While the Gregorian calendar stipulates that January 1st is the first day, in actuality it is the Winter Solstice that historically holds this energy. It is the moment that the Sun begins its return as the prominent source of light and life, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. However, we can honour both dates as this time can be filled with magic and intention if we choose it. In fact, I would offer that any New Moon throughout the year holds this powerful energy to help us move forward. We need not be limited by only one day.

If you feel inspired, make a short list of some things you would like to bring to the forefront of your life. I believe you will already know what those things are, even it is just one wish. The most important thing to make space for now is kindness toward yourself. There is no need to pressure yourself to do anything. A gentle affirmation becomes a powerful seed if we maintain our attentiveness towards it.

In a sense, this is what our reading for this week shows us. How do we bring balance into our lives? What adjustments can we make so that we can live more in accordance with what gives us wholeness and well-being?

Justice represents a time for moving ahead with acceptance and renewal. There’s no need to cling to the past. It will only hold us within its framework and vibrational ingredients. There is clarity about how to proceed past that framework or barrier. It is a time for understanding action and the results of our choices, both past and future.

When we understand the balance inherent in the still point between the two scales, we give ourselves the ability to move on. We give ourselves the answers as we feel the clarity of our insights guiding us forward. We may be weighing our options and trying to determine how best to proceed. In Justice, we become aligned with our inner purpose and feel drawn to act based on that alignment.

Sometimes it is best to walk away from situations that hold us down. This might be the case as we move towards the Judgement card. There is a powerful need to let the past go, and bring up what is old and outworn, and to shed ourselves of its hold on us.

The awakening shown here indicates that freshness of body, spirit and mind. As Justice showed us that it is vital to move forward, and that we in fact cannot go back, Judgement brings that new landscape to the forefront of our consciousness and awakens us to our higher potential.

We are led by the grace of Spirit to rejoice in who we are and what we have achieved. It heralds a time of ascension and of a cycle of growth coming to a close as we prepare for what is to come. These are two highly significant cards that show clearly our wish for a fresh new experience to manifest.

As with any time of vibrational advancement, we must take care to rest and restore ourselves within the dreamtime and within our safe space. The 4 of Swords wonderfully illustrates this. “Four” cards always show stability of some kind. Here, they represent our ability or need to calm the mind and process the two proceeding cards.

If anything, it simply suggests that we can benefit from a period of physical downtime. Our mind might be active at this time with thoughts about the future. Let things settle down internally and reconnect to the grounding nature of your space. This is still a time for hibernation and inactivity.

Whatever arises this week, you will see things clearly and know how to respond in a way that is aligned with your integrity. Move forward despite any sensations of the past speaking to you. In this way, you will allow a wonderful awakening within you as Spirit calls you further and higher. Then as you take a restful break, you will feel refreshed and cleansed. You will know what will be called forth from you at a future time.

Affirmation: I allow myself to see the best course of action that opens up new opportunities for a fresh start. I welcome this change of consciousness and the universe greets me there with blessings and light. As this energy pours over me, I rest to integrate and to adjust myself to my new vibration.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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