New Year’s Prayer for 2023

Freya’s rune “Fehu”.

This moment, where I am now, is perfect and I surrender my need to control how I think anything should happen.

I allow Spirit to surround me with light and love, and the solutions to any situation that may arise.

May I be drawn to people and places that serve my highest potential so that I may learn and grow from them.

I trust that the universe is placing me exactly where I need to be and that the nectar of life’s wisdom and abundance flows through me with grace and blessings.

May I be shown the way forward through dark or confusing circumstances, and that I come to the best information so that I can act with clarity and empowerment.

May I have more than enough for my journey as I embark on my heart-path.

If I feel myself pulled back to the past and to old stories, may I have the strength to recognize my patterns and steer my way back to my true desires and visions.

May I commit myself to my highest good, personal power, and deepest truth so that my integrity becomes a beacon of light.

May these wishes and intentions carry me on a truthful pathway so that I may always be in harmony with everything in my environment.

May this year be blessed with a successful harvest for the benefit of many beings on this bountiful Mother Gaia.

Ace of Pentacles from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

With love for a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

Daniel Palmo

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