Your Week Ahead: February 12 to 18, 2023 – With Clear Purpose

The High Priestess, Knight of Swords, and The Moon, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

Magical Luna shines her beautiful light upon us this week, and with it she brings some insights and spontaneity. Even within her peaceful domain, we can be stirred to action. However, so can our internal waters be stirred too much lest we become too involved in her shadowy landscape.

Any initiative is always well supported when we have taken the time to moderate our actions with wisdom. Getting clear about our intentions and finding what is really motivating us can help clear our path of distractions that are internal or emotional, and external or intellectual.

Why are we feeling a certain way and what is driving those feelings? Between The High Priestess and the Knight of Swords is the space of discernment and of investigating an issue between the dichotomy of meditation and action.

While one is purely withdrawn and immersed in the unconscious, the other is quite extroverted in mental activity. If there is some pending decision that needs attending to, these cards indicate clarity of purpose. There is also the sensation that we will never really know how something will turn out until we act.

Action always opens a door. The question becomes, is this door serving me or am I serving it? We may not know until walking through it and taking the wisdom and intuition of The High Priestess with us along our journey. Her message to us is always, “Know thyself.” So, our actions will always open up the world of experience so that we can respond to life with integrity.

Although there is a Full Moon high in the centre of The High Priestess card, there are also two other phases depicted: the waxing and waning crescent. When working with this energy, we are going past those dualities and into our depths. If we look to The Moon card, we clearly see a Full Moon. This to me suggests moving from a dark lunar environment to a light one. This would describe moving from a New Moon to a Full Moon quite well. If we look closely at the Knight of Swords, there is shown a waxing half moon. This further shows a movement into fullness and the need for action that the half moon describes.

While all this lunar energy is nocturnal and peaceful, there is the possibility of becoming obsessed with something. We could have the feeling of getting lost in the shadows as our ability to be objective gets skewed. Do we need more information? Are there more questions to be asked? The fullness of the moon shows a need to be honest with ourselves as we may not be seeing things clearly under its rays.

The manner in which the knight also seems to head back to The High Priestess may be telling us to calm our actions and bring some temperance. The presence of more questions is not necessarily bad. It simply means that we have time, and that time is being blessed. The Knight of Swords and The Moon suggest a pressure to get it right or perfect while feeling insecure.

Coming back to the initial messages of The High Priestess will help tremendously in pulling us out of any confusing situations. The contact with The Moon’s full illumination is very important for it reveals to us many important desires. We shouldn’t run away from these. We simply need to move about its realm with clear purpose. That means knowing what we want and why we want it.

All the creatures in The Moon card know their instinctual selves and are closely linked to the moon’s vibration. The difference between animal and human is the intellect and the application of reason. If you feel clear and connected, then act confidently with inspired grace. If you find yourself pushing anything, bring yourself back a bit and reconnect to your inner voice. Timing is then calibrated not upon animal impulse but on the embrace of our animal wisdom. Knowing this difference will be your key to success.

Affirmation: I feel a calling to get in touch with my deep calm abiding self. There may be a need to act upon something important to me, so getting clear about how I feel will serve me very well. I bring a reasoned approach to my situation while being closely connected to my desires and wishes. I express myself freely.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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