Your Week Ahead: February 19 to 25, 2023 – Awakenings

The High Priestess, King of Swords, and 10 of Swords, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

What if we knew how things would turn out? Would we appreciate them as fully as if we took one inspired step after another? Life is a mystery, partly because we are mostly engaging with it from an outward and active mindset. We are generally less meditative simply because of our lifestyles. However, we are being asked to tune into a quieter and more reflective state because there is a need to bring an authentic part of ourselves forward. Before we can do that effectively, it’s important to go beneath the surface of the illusions in our lives.

Both The High Priestess and the King of Swords indicate a strong and direct connection to clarity and honesty. We start off the week with a definite pull inwards, away from the noise of the outside world. She is calm abiding meditative awareness, closely linked with the informative nature of our unconscious.

In her presence, we don’t always know the “why”; we simply need to be present with the mystery and rhythm of her wavelength vibration. There is a message for us that we need to receive. The words may come later, but the connection to a pristine aspect of our psyche is what is called for.

It’s not important to do anything directly intentional other than to make space for ourselves to be quiet. She is asking us to allow the world and others to be themselves without the need to influence it or be influenced by it. Too much activity can actually steer us away from our centre and promote an excess of involvement in external situations.

We can become distracted from what is really needing our attention and nourishment. If we are distracted, then that deep calling to us becomes stronger and could manifest as a need for external control of things or others. The “control” becomes a way to hide that need to be calm so that we fill our time with “created obligations” to convince ourselves of how busy or important we are. This is something subtle and requires a bit of self-honesty.

Emerging from this peace is the King of Swords. He is a wonderful representation of clear mindedness and insight. This emergence suggests how empowered we feel after embodying what is true for us. Our approach to something is emboldened too because we are very connected with our authenticity.

There may have been a period of calm reflection, not knowing what is being asked of us or how we really feel about where we are. He shows an awareness that is unwavering. What’s more, it is unaffected by externals. He is not closed off, nor has he fought or opposed anything. The suggestion here is about the ability to create space for clarity and wisdom; he is the outward manifestation of that. The authority he radiates is natural and relaxed, not domineering.

The question now becomes, “what is needed so that I can maintain this authentic connection to myself?” There may be a sensation of coming to terms with an old mindset or old stories that have surfaced in our newfound clarity. The 10 of Swords is indicating a need to let go of something that is holding us in an outdated mental framework.

We could feel alive and awakened as our perceptions are illuminated for what they are. Have we been holding on to something and identifying with it too much. Have we noticed certain patterns coming to the surface? When we embody our authenticity, the parts of ourselves that may have been feeling insecure get exposed. We also encounter a quantum boundary where we have crossed over into new psychological territory.

The perspective that becomes evident is the difference between being aware of what and how we radiate outwards, and what we perceive as coming towards us. In the non-dual realm of The High Priestess, these two things are not separate. What is different is how we choose to respond.

If we continue on the path as seeing energy always coming towards us, then we will be on the side of the equation that promotes victimhood and identifying with labels that undermine our personal authority and strength. If we are power-emitters, then we view situations as opportunities for creative expression and growth. We work with people, and others are then inspired to work with us. Fear is replaced by productivity and positivity. The ego is in a healthy balanced state, rather than in a compressed and threatened one.

The king’s wisdom is revealing to us an opportunity for growth if we can shift our mindset and approach. We are not victims, we are not abandoned, we are not our labels. We have come into this world alone and we will leave it as we die alone. What is Spirit is always present, even when we change our bodily clothing. What then holds us back? What stories have we told ourselves?

If these kinds of sensations arise, have no fear. Let yourself create a safe space so that you can emerge into anything you wish to be. Try changing your language and even your body posture. How do you feel when you assume a power-pose? Listen to the stories that come up. Making some small adjustments toward feeling more empowered will open you up to more energy. The more energy you open up to, the greater your creative capacity for growth and manifestation.

Affirmation: I am calm and present with myself and I take some time to be at peace. In this space, I feel connected to my inner self and arising wisdom. I seek to create a new approach to the way I see myself and in the way I think about things. I step into a larger part of myself, renewed and replenished in my truth. This is a wonderful period of growth for me and I look forward to more opportunities to express myself authentically.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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