Your Week Ahead: February 26 to March 4, 2023 – Psychological Nourishment

Justice, The Moon, and 7 of Cups, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

Do you have what you need? Do you feel a yearning for something meaningful and nourishing? Are you able to recognize a deeper longing before applying superficial remedies that are only serving your cravings? There is an interesting internal dialogue this week that seems to be asking these kinds of questions. What is precipitating this?

We may have some clues by examining the Justice card, as it sets us off on a quest. When Justice appears, we are aware of the balancing principles of life. We have what we deserve. Within the resolution is also contained the seed of action. Are you happy with what you feel you deserve? What happens next?

Often we feel in a state of flux when certain elements of our lives seem unreconciled. I have this but not that, or, my energy has gone into this but is not recognized. Then, as the recognition comes, the element of balance is addressed. If a very positive card comes after Justice, it may indicate that we feel vindicated. Occasionally, we may be asked to look within so that balance can be addressed by our own efforts.

If things seemed out of whack recently, events may now calm down and provide us with some time to go inwards. This will be a welcome change. While The Moon can describe some emotional instability, there seems to be the suggestion here that we are being offered an opportunity to get in touch with a deeper landscape, one closely linked to our animal and instinctual impulses.

The unconscious part of ourselves can become disjointed and wild, filled with cries and unidentified shadows. This stirring can cause an irritation in our mind because we have not nourished our primal animal connection to Spirit. Our deep archetypal self may be calling to us by the sensation of irrational responses to things. Justice is offering us a portal into ourselves so that we can address this and calm the beast within.

The Moon only becomes a place of nightmares if we choose to ignore this part of our psyche. This is a big problem in today’s society. We have lost many tools to keep that conversation alive, giving it opportunities to speak to us. We have shut it down by our chase after endorphin clicks, electronic devices, shopping for things we don’t need, and heated conversations that point fingers at everything except our own imperfections. Alcohol and drug use are also large issues impairing our psychic health. Here, the government has also made access to recreational and illicit drugs much easier by decriminalizing them. In my opinion, this is a catastrophic mistake and a true healing crisis.

If we keep our internal “pet” locked inside, its cries and howls will only intensify and become destructive. Allowing it out to run, play, sniff and have its senses engaged in all its illogical mannerisms allows it to become a part of nature’s wild and wise rhythms. The Moon is asking us, “What are you REALLY crying out for?”

Instead of being so guarded, try eating your meal with your hands. As you smell the meat on your plate and dive into it, pay attention to your body and see what arises. Are you afraid of your wildness and by becoming a drooling sloppy mess? If you go out for a hike and need to relieve yourself, go and do it unashamed. Are you hiding behind the bushes afraid, or are you like an animal in nature, free and unencumbered. Of course, using judgement is always called for, but these two examples illustrate something important.

Have you tried free-writing? You would be amazed at what comes out on the page. Don’t censor yourself, just let it out. Burn it later if you want, but don’t be afraid of what you write. Have you ever taken an improv class? That’s a lot of fun and really lets out the inner child and playful internal animal, especially if you find yourself howling and laughing uncontrollably for no reason.

When I was a kid, I used to go to the ravine, put mud on my face and pretend I was a soldier. Often, I would howl and scream out like an animal. You tell me what adult would not get the police called on him in a heartbeat should he be seen or heard. Such is the confinement we have imposed on our animalistic and ritualistic self that we dare not let others see it. When was the last time you had a good scream in the forest? We are so obsessed with controlling ourselves and others that we don’t recognize the archetypal healing occurring right in front of our eyes.

What this free expression can lead to is the creative explosion of life that occurs when energy is freed and given voice. A healthy imagination is invoked and we are more in touch with our emotional vitality. The 7 of Cups describes this very well. It brings many things up from the shadows and into the light of creative play and possibility.

There is still the caution of running after things on a superficial level. Not everything we envision is going to be healthy. However, not censoring it is the exercise. When we allow our desires to come to life, many feelings and imageries will also come to the forefront. This may prompt anxieties or fears, but if those don’t get a voice, they too may gain more power. This can be the trap of The Devil as their illusory nature is exaggerated and then used for control. This is how a disconnected psyche becomes weak, compressed and prone to deception.

We don’t see The Devil card in this spread, but one can sense it. We don’t see The Tower either, but it too is not far away. I don’t mean to suggest that we would be punished should we get something wrong. I do try to describe the way energy finds a way out, even forcibly, from our lack of attention to what is psychologically and emotionally nourishing. This is the power of The Moon card. It invokes our locked away desires. The key is to find peace with their expression and listen to what they are trying to tell us.

As the 7 of Cups gives us specific details about these visions and plays them out in our mind’s eye, know what is healthy, what is wild, and what is creative and expansive. Then we will have made the best of allowing energy to move about, using only the slightest control by applying mindfulness. Mindfulness is acceptance; acceptance of everything dark, wonderful and beautiful.

Affirmation: I sit beside the stoic artist, the laughing shaman, and the black wild dog devouring a deer. I recognize them all as myself. I am beautiful, powerful, and free. I am at peace with all parts of Me. I AM.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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