Your Week Ahead: March 5 to 11, 2023 – A New Era

Judgement, Justice, and Death, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

Saturn leaves Aquarius on Tuesday March 7, 2023 and heads into new territory in Pisces. While this is a tarot reading devoted to the week ahead, I can’t escape the importance of this shift. Saturn entered Aquarius in March 2020 just as we had a “two weeks to flatten the curve” craze, and dare I say, hypnotic spell placed upon us. We are still healing from this incredible dislocation of society, and no doubt we will be working on this for quite some time. The psychological devastation many people experienced cannot be adequately described in words.

Saturn is the bringer of rules, structure and foundations, confinement and the hard lessons of life. In Aquarius, he brought lockdowns and isolation, and authoritarian demands on people to find reassurance in a groupthink mentality that almost vehemently ostracized anyone who thought differently from the masses, or worse, asked questions about what was happening around them.

We saw discrimination and human rights violations rampant right in front of our eyes, yet many many people said nothing. We see it still to this day, as employers harass employees and worse, outright deny applications from anyone who has not taken a certain medical procedure. While the hysteria surrounding wearing masks has calmed, we still see individuals wearing masks outside alone by themselves or alone in their cars. I’m not sure what will ever make people feel safe again.

Aquarius also rules new technologies and the internet. While Zoom calls have diminished a little, we still have many meetings done this way in lieu of more human face to face contact and a return to in-person working environments. I do appreciate the advancement of technology, but never at the expense of humanity’s need for social bonding, touch, care, and compassion. We have been ripped out of our bodies and thrust into a dimension of interaction devoid of boundaries and self-awareness. Having so many people in our bedrooms or living spaces was never so immediate and invasive.

People’s behaviours are also quite different when they are behind a screen rather than directly in front of each other. A part of our self-reflective integrity gets pushed back degeneratively when we can easily adopt a fake name, click the mute button or hide our video, or just click exit with no emotional consequences or accountability. Moreover, mass interaction based on this has put us into a landscape that we have not chosen willingly.

Saturn in Aquarius has indeed laid the foundations for technology to be used to monitor and control great masses of people. This is happening right now. The creation of impending digital ID’s is a precipice of control that ties everything we do in society, and everywhere we go, to the state. We are being sold the illusion of convenience so that we can acclimatize ourselves to the depletion of our boundaries and rights, something that we would never have accepted just a short time ago.

While I can go on, it is also important to look for the tests and lessons, particularly the ones we feel proud of. Saturn and Aquarius have shadows, but we also have the ability to use discernment and to stand up for what is right. Such integrity is the basis for our path here as vibrational beings having a spiritual experience in a physical body. The moment we give someone or something else our authority, is the moment we lose our purpose and fall prey to exterior impositions of power.

What have we done for each other these past three years that was heartfelt? Have we brought our best selves forward to challenging circumstances and tried to lead by example? Have we looked at our own lives and sought sincerely to bring maturity and integrity to our endeavours? Were we open to others and offered unconditional space to their anxieties? Did we take a stand when we saw our humanity being infringed upon? These may be difficult questions to ask given what we have all been through, but there is always time to listen to our hearts and to take a closer look.

What I have written above may seem unconnected to this week’s reading, yet that is far from the case. Judgement takes us front and centre to the canvas of our lives and seems to ask the very questions I offered above. We are being called forth, alone and apart from any distractions, to view our lives through the eyes of source. We may have the experience of seeing a very large picture, one with far greater implications than we might initially feel comfortable with.

This energy is a cleansing of our psychic body, mind and spirit. Things are shifting and changing, and we are being taken to a new paradigm. The question becomes, how ready are we? What have we done to prepare ourselves for this inevitable shift? Impermanence is the bedrock of life. That bedrock or foundation that we have built our lives on these past three years could be called into question.

What doesn’t hold up to the strength of integrity will collapse so that we can build again. Whatever lies we have been told and that we may have ingested unwillingly can get purged now as they are exposed for what they are. Judgement is a beautiful calling and awakening to our highest potential. Leaving behind what is false so that we can embody our truth is what is taking place now individually and collectively.

As we process this awakening, Justice appears to take us forward through a portal where we receive the energy that we have created in a manner which balances out our lives. We have what we have created, not in punishment but in a natural response to our efforts and state of mind. Justice takes us past a point of stagnation and into productivity where we can become active again, formulating new responses and new creative expressions.

And now, we begin to emerge, or at least we sense it in a tangible way. Death brings about the shedding and the becoming. This whole reading suggests a kind of death and rebirth event. Here, we are indeed on the edge of a new era. We take with us all of our desires and our actions. We are offered an opportunity to create again, to become the example we wish to see in the world, to be our best selves. May this rebirth signal a time for healing and well-being for all of humanity. May we come together and recognize each other’s smile and unique signature on this planet. May we rise to a higher truth, past the deceptions, coercions, and imposed identity labels. May we step into the light that we are and shed the shadows of our past. It is time.

Affirmation: I am beautiful, strong, and free. Forever do I stand in my truth. Forever do I stand hand in hand with my fellow humans on this beautiful loving divine Earth. I am boundless. I am nourished by the pure air. I am healed by the rich earth and the light of the Sun reflected in endless streams of life-giving waters. I am boundless, boundless, boundless. Eternally boundless.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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