Your Week Ahead: March 12 to 18, 2023 – The Constant Voice

7 of Wands, The Sun, and Queen of Swords, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

Life has a way of giving us what we need, even though it may take another form than what we expect. Sometimes this is about appreciation for the moment and surrendering our ideas about the future. At other times, it is about utilizing the moment to express something truthful. Truth may be subjective at times, for one’s personal truth is not to be assumed to be another’s truth.

We are interdependent and supportive of each other’s voice and path. When we are balanced, we know this instinctively. If things are not tended to on a personal level, that line becomes blurry. The act of rebalancing one’s perspective is then to be viewed as an opportunity that life gives us.

We can sit on the sidelines for only so long until something moves us from deep within. We may feel like playing along with the rules, saying yes and assimilating one’s ego into the collective so that a supposed objective can be reached. However, what do we sacrifice in so doing?

Who get’s to decide what is in our best interest and for what purpose? How does a collective belief or truth become something that everyone simply accepts, many times without question? At what point does our personal voice become inconsequential? These are hard questions to ask, especially after a period of time has passed and the pattern of thought has become normalized or habitualized.

The power of one’s truth is the power of Spirit seeking to embody form. That is unmistakable. Like the clear crisp dawn and the Sun shining on one’s face. Like the roar of waterfall, incessant and undaunted. Like a towering mountain, immovable. Shoving down a false truth in the hopes we will ignore its falsity through the shadow of complacency splits the psyche like a knife.

This is dangerous territory for the individual in every instance it occurs. It is the separation between ourselves and Spirit, between creativity and inspiration, between our conscience and morality. It is a dark collectivism that demands obedience out of an apparent moral duty. The impulse is there within us to break free, but the fear of being ostracized from the community goes against a deeply rooted emotional need for inclusion and bonding.

We will gladly sacrifice our independence and acquiesce so that we may feel accepted. We take on the collective voice that shuns any threat to its uniformity. The false premise that the collective is stronger than one person is something that defies the very power of courageousness. It takes only one voice to shatter a lie that has been reinforced by deceit. Once that voice is heard, it reverberates throughout the Universe with such force because its vibration is unmistakable. The voice that frees the spirit to once again express itself is such a vibration.

As a small example: has anyone asked why employers who are rolling out new corporate policies for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace (who have even hired consulting firms to ensure they get it right), at the same precise time were placing employees on unpaid leave, or worse fired them, for refusing to take a medical procedure?

We are told to accept this new ideology because we need to be inclusive of every voice, race and gender identity. Then we need to ensure this is protected by eliminating anything foreign to a collective narrative by suggesting we are dirty virus carriers that are threatening the health of others by spewing our contaminated breath everywhere. We need only look to the actual data to see that this threat is a lie that has been thrust upon the masses.

What a perfect clip from this truly remarkable movie. The film speaks so much to what is missing in today’s society and indeed to what is needed to restore our dignity on this planet.

It is actually amazing to witness how quickly a small number of individuals can affect so staggering an amount of the population. Whether that’s from the recesses of the government or within the management of a company. It only takes one CEO to say, “No, I will not force my staff to take this recommended medical procedure and discriminate against their choice of informed consent. I will not exclude anyone while only including certain others. I will endeavour to be a true leader and do what I feel is right.”

That is the power of the constant voice of truth. It dismantles lies and corruption and exposes them for what they are. This week’s reading shows beautifully how this process evolves. It takes courage to stand up and be seen. To rise above the status quo and dare to speak one’s truth. Our very veins are bursting with a heated desire to break past false truths and distorted exaggerations.

Here, we claim our rightful spot and hold our hearts. We step into the fire circle where we purge the falsehood of other’s expectations. We say no, you will not have my agreement. Our lion roars out into the Universe and our courage is unmistaken.

It is as if we have burst ourselves open and let the Sun explode within our hearts for all to see. Our courage gives others courage. When the spirit soars, it illuminates its surroundings, expands everything it touches and inspires those who feel its radiance. We are brought into the warmth of the day where each individual is recognized within the human tapestry. The Sun is naturally inclusive. It is not interpreted, corporatized or subjected to policy or identity politics.

The Sun wants us to know our inherent nature. It wants us to meditate on growth, health, abundance and longevity. We are reborn and restored under its rays. Nothing is hidden; everything is accepted and reconciled. We move past what is false because it has collapsed under its own fragile and woke impertinence.

What the Queen of Swords is describing is blatantly clear. Despite having been affected adversely, she cannot be diminished into blind acceptance again. Oh no, not this queen! She stands as a beacon of light. She’ll throw anyone off her turf in a heartbeat without a second chance. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me, she says.

She describes the ability to know truth with immediacy and accuracy. Her intelligence is supreme and her wit, impeccable. You can trust her with your deepest secret. In return, you can count on her forthright honesty. Where once we yearned and mustered our courage, she embodies confidence and immovability. There is work to be done, but no better leader should be chosen than she. Let us aspire to such integrity of character.

Affirmation: I am not afraid to stand apart from the crowd and to be noticed for who I am and what I stand for. I cannot be contained. My spirit is free to shine its truth. My radiance is unmistakable.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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