Your Week Ahead: March 19 to 25, 2023 – What Do You Believe?

Princess of Cups, 5 of Wands, and 9 of Wands, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

Where exactly do we build our beliefs from? Is it a person that we admire or someone who has some kind of authority over us? Have we ever thought about what we want in an authentic unadulterated way, without the need for approval or guidance? When we go along with what others believe, we put ourselves in their shadow and become oblivious to the dangers that that acceptance places us in.

This is not a sustainable path. Perhaps well suited for toddlers and young children, but then the question becomes, how long am I expected to behave as one? Duty can be a harsh delusion that keeps us confined without our even knowing it. However, something eventually breaks free, and that something is our desire to experience our purpose and our unique connection to Source, Spirit, and pure positive energy.

This week’s reading is a bold calling to our path and to what we believe is true for ourselves. It describes a maturing experience and inner movement to our energetic selves wanting to have a meaningful impact on things. We do this by personal expression, and that starts with being free to think and create; to dare to envision something else than what we have. This isn’t a breach of the beautiful merits of appreciation of the moment. Rather, an invitation to make it better and enhance it by expanding it and giving it life.

Giving something life through a vision is what the Princess of Cups describes. She beholds this magnificent chalice, as if conjured by her very imagination. It gleams like a brilliant star in the night. “Look at this beauty I have created!” she exclaims. There is a raw unfiltered quality here that simply enjoys the spontaneous manifestation. It celebrates creation without the need to think about it, rationalize it, or impose logical classifications about its origins.

There is an inherent transformative influence over us as we become infatuated with its potential. We get lost in its magic. This is how we can deeply affect change in our lives; through simple expressions and innocent visions. Then, as we rub our eyes in the morning, we are stirred because of the traction that this vision has gained within us.

We’re not quite the same and something wants to come out into the open, into the adult world and find its balance or foothold. When we have tasted this freedom, we can never go back. We have one foot planted in the world of the future as we lift the other from the past. This 5 of Wands experience shows this desire to be in touch with the present moment and to test out a new energetic impulse.

Lava flows from the depths of our “inner volcano” as we hold blooming lilies at our heart. We are not explosive; we are exploring. The curiosity of the princess has allowed this exploration to be made manifest. The wands take our intentions to new heights, aware of the need to go beyond what has contained them.

What emerges is a figure wholly sure of himself. When we allow ourselves to come out and be seen, we take ownership of our experience and our lives. Whether we succeed or not, it is ours, and our connection to what we have created allows us to grow and to become wise. It is to walk our own path and to learn from it.

The 9 of Wands is about the ability to be ourselves amid so much else seeking to make us into something we are not. We embody the ninth wand as the central pillar of our lives. This is the pillar of integrity and the ability to stand alone. Through this self-devotion, we shine brightly. It is the light of truth and authenticity. Our actions become tempered with balance, restraint, and knowledge.

This week’s reading suggests the need to connect with your vision and what makes you YOU. Don’t worry about what others think because it has nothing to do with you. It is not about rejecting others but about making space for yourself and witnessing what arises within you. What moves you will move others. You allow life to flow through you and so you unify yourself with the basic principle of the universe: expansion. Then, embrace that expansion as a personal quest to stand in your life with impeccability. There may be a need to discuss boundaries so that your vision and voice have a place to shine. Enjoy this dynamic growth. You are in touch with life in a very unique and personal way. We all have time to be ourselves, including you.

Affirmation: I make time for Me and my joyous creative Self. I allow the energy of the cosmos to flow through me and guide me to wondrous expansive shores. When I open my arms, I become more of what I want and invite more of what makes me sing. I stand in this light and my natural purpose expresses itself effortlessly. This is a transformation moment.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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