Your Week Ahead: March 26 to April 1, 2023 – A Deception Lifts

Prince of Wands, Queen of Swords, and Ace of Swords, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

Remembrances of our youth can sometimes keep us from stepping into our full or growing potential. We could find comfort in not assuming responsibilities and are happy at times to let others guide the way. But what happens then to our dreams if they only stay imagined and not realized? Rather, what happens to us?

The answer depends on many things in one’s environment. However, if we stay too long wondering “what if”, then the world becomes a place filled with anxiety and ungrounded suspicion. We fulfill the roles others think we should follow because we haven’t decided to create one for ourselves.

Perhaps the difference between imagination and reality is the ability to allow our deep archetypes to become personal expressions of our character. It is in the testing of our psyche that our strength of purpose emerges. Otherwise, we simply cannot understand how to respond and offer action as a creative response to our world. Our energy becomes compressed and easily controlled using fear and emotional manipulations to steer us back into the adolescent mindset of our youth. If a child falls, we tell them to get back up and keep going. We don’t say, “Go back to your room. I knew you couldn’t do it! See how right I was?”

If we don’t experience the world first hand, we formulate our ideas and beliefs about our potential based on someone else’s conclusions. They become a limitation; beyond that threshold is an unknown response and an unknown world. It is a land of exaggeration, lies and destructive fantasy where our dreams are turned against us.

This week’s reading takes us on a journey of piercing that lie and awakening to a force that takes us past that threshold. The Prince of Wands is a boy of fantasy, lost in the idea of what the world is about and his role in it. On its own, it suggests the ability to see ourselves in any situation as anything we want. Our play allows a resistant free curiosity to flow easily.

But how long do we stay among the unicorns? Having the Queen of Swords and the Ace of Swords follow after suggests a quickly developing story. This is about two things: Are our dreams being given life, and what do we need to awaken to in order to see past a limitation? Many people are quite happy seeing us fulfill their roles because it bolsters their own agenda and need to exercise a power dynamic over us. They withhold our empowerment and use it as leverage for further obedience.

The sword that the queen holds looks remarkably similar to the unicorn’s horn. To me, that is the key to this reading. The queen here is about waking up to the present moment and acknowledging what was lost in order to become her true self. What aspect about her was forgotten? Is she fulfilling herself right now? Can she bridge that gap between what she dreamt could be to what can happen now? What is the source of this withholding?

The answer comes with the Ace of Swords penetrating the sphere of illusion. It is the line where the known and unknown exist side by side. It is a quantum barrier of untapped information. I see this as a lie being revealed where someone tells you something and you become so aware of its falsity. The brilliance of the truth coursing through your being shatters this glass wall, and you move past it. You are seeing things very differently now and that raw powerful presence of awareness is a gift the universe has given you, foremost, because you are ready. The truth is like a ripe fruit; it cannot be eaten until precisely the right time. The truth is something we step into and embody. That embodiment is our fruit to eat and savour.

Affirmation: I be all that I can be. Effortless and free, I embody my true heart path. I step into myself as I have seen unfold. I am bold. My use of different words to describe who I am and where I am creates a new purpose, a new response, and a new universe to explore.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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