Your Week Ahead: April 2 to 8, 2023 – Clearing The Blockage

The Tower, 3 of Pentacles, and 7 of Wands, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

Rumbling beneath the surface of the earth, we feel energy moving, wanting to come out, and desiring to be free. A part of us might feel locked, restricted and constrained, sometimes by forces we can’t describe, and at other times by direct circumstances. With any kind of healing, it is important to allow source energy to attend to what needs to be brought to the surface. We are working with a powerful release this week, one that our spirit is calling out for so that we can continue on our path with continued devotion to our heart’s purpose.

The energy behind The Tower card is calling for a change. It’s uncertain as to how this change will occur. However, what is clear is that some kind of blockage is preventing us from growing and from feeling nourished from pure positive energy. Whether that’s from a specific circumstance or from our perspective needing a good cleanse, we need to be operating from a renewed place.

With the 3 of Pentacles beside The Tower, we see clearly the same kind of principle of bringing down energy into the physical realm. In The Tower, a lightening bolt breaks apart a structure that we are caught up in, or trapped within. It in turn behaves like a volcano, allowing deep lava to be released, along with the beautiful white dove of Spirit. The 3 of Pentacles illustrates how the energy of the pentacles are channeled into our hearts in order to create the eggs of our creative selves to emerge, along with a warm nest to be incubated.

This shows the allowing of a healing moment where our inner mother takes over to create space for what is truly important in our lives. Having a major arcana card next to a minor one indicates that we are working with the universe to actualize this healing and shift.

The Tower card can manifest many different ways. I’ve personally picked this card and had nothing major happen outwardly, but rather felt it inwardly. It can be a trigger for an emotional release or simply doing something that allows one to be totally refreshed and authentic. It can also be a culmination, given that we have a Full Moon on Thursday where the Sun is conjunct Chiron, The Healer. However, the renewal that is made possible is something that needs to take place. My suggestion with this card is to be mindful of one’s actions and the environment where one is. Understanding that one is being taken to a new framework or paradigm will help with the experience however it should manifest.

Keywords might be “don’t resist”. What is important is to flow with the energy and give it the opportunity to do its work. The 3 of Pentacles is a warm card of attending to our heart and to our path. If we are feeling blocked from experiencing this connection, then let things move as they should.

What seems to emerge later is a reaffirmation of one’s energetic boundaries. Perhaps what was causing the discomfort needs to be addressed so that we don’t continue a pattern we aren’t happy with. The sun and the lion, also closely linked to our heart as seen in the card, rise courageously as we hold high the wand of our intention and purpose. We are exhilarated by the new energy coming out from us as we stand in our circle of truth.

The message this week is to shift your personal expression to one that is more aligned with source and with your core. It is about restoring that link and maintaining your creativity by removing any blockages that might be hindering you. Know your worth and know your value. Create from this centre. The person in the 7 of Wands has emerged from the volcano and from the nest of eggs. There is a powerful message here which boldly says: “I AM”

Affirmation: I desire to be closer to Spirit and to restore my connection to my heart’s purpose. Making space for myself to be renewed and to feel nourished is my priority now. Feeling the energy moving freely through me allows my inner confidence to shine and be heard. This is my beautiful moment of emergence.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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