Your Week Ahead: May 21 to 27, 2023 – Take Your Time

2 of Pentacles, The Hanged One, and Ace of Pentacles, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

Has the world got you running around, jumping from one activity to the next? Are you caught up in work and play, needing to make time for both? Are there any financial ideas that you’re considering but are not sure about what to do? These questions could be floating around at the start of this week. What is likely overlooked is how our ability to surrender actually helps us feel more clarity and peace.

An interesting aspect of this week’s reading is the appearance of The Hanged One linking the 2 of Pentacles to the Ace. This suggests the ability or need to bring a pause to one’s actions and pull ourselves inwards. Something needs to be investigated so that we are more internally aligned with what we value.

Since the expression of that value is represented in the pentacles suit, what we spend money on and our ideas about our worth and what is worthwhile needs to be examined. The 2 of Pentacles depicts a kind of balance between two things. It is also our ability to bring balance to things and to keep a level of agility so that we can dance between two things rather than being knocked off our feet.

We have more to learn because we will need to rest a little as we find our rhythm. Perhaps the balancing aspect is meant to keep things from getting too fast too quickly. This would give us time to think about things and look at our resources to ensure that a long range view is taken into consideration.

The Hanged One takes this message deeper. It describes waiting on any decisions. Further, it asks for our attention to be brought to an inner still place. This is about taking one’s time and not forcing anything. Perhaps all that is needed is to bring one’s awareness to other things. When we get caught up in the dance of the outside world, it gets exaggerated and skewed. We start making choices based on disconnection rather than connection. Often this leads one to make financial choices that don’t really bring satisfaction. Here, we are being given an opportunity to nourish what is at the root of our desires.

The Ace of Pentacles arrises beautifully as a clear indication our simple ability to slow down and take a breath puts us in the stream of abundance. We’re more understanding of an energetic grace in our lives and how we’re aligned with it. We’re not engaged in a tangent of blind spending but are harnessed by an appreciation of what is truly meaningful.

Many people buy things to fill in a hole of low self-esteem. The idea that more material things will provide happiness can create more dissatisfaction once the moment has passed. Take some time to understand the deeper meaning of value, what we find valuable, and what we do to express that. Are we able to notice the flow of abundance in our lives and to make choices that keep that appreciation pure? Purity here would be about feeling contentment, feeling that we have more than enough, and not needing to compensate any belief that we are less because we don’t have a material object.

Often, it’s just a quiet pause and a breath that gives us time to make choices that feed our well-being rather than disguise it. Then, when we do act, we are not led astray by marketing campaigns, sweet talkers, and endorphin triggering fantasies. Yes, one serving of gelato is sufficient, and enjoy every spoon of it. But maybe it’s more about the beautiful evening and the fresh air that will make that gelato all the more enjoyable. Look for the magic in all things. It’s right there in front of you.

Affirmation: I have more than enough because I am enough. All that I need comes to me effortlessly because I am not hurried in my desires. The beauty and magic of life is on display all around me and I breathe in its freshness and expansive grace.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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