Your Week Ahead: October 4 to 10, 2020 – The Release

The Tower, 4 of Wands, and 8 of Wands, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

The fundamental tenet in our lives is freedom. The exquisite joy of letting life flow through us without hindrance cannot be adequately described in words. It is a way of being, a way of unrestricted and unobstructed access to that which is pure. Purity, here meaning of essential and direct contact with our highest self and our highest vibrational expression.

Yet, many of us find ourselves locked into situations that do little to empower our true potential. There can be the sense that our past never leaves us and that we are doomed to continue in never ending patterns of denial and in some cases abuse. We find ways to cope, and for some, coping means acquiescing to a louder or more dominant force.

We play out roles in our lives that are a continuum of child like responses to authority. We may be educated into certain beliefs that only serve those who need to feel power over others. An abusive relationship can be many things, not to mention the abuse we inflict on ourselves because of internalized anger, feeling we have failed.

Illusion is at the heart of denial and of feeling separated from love and from the light of answers and meaningful connection. The psychology of abuse is deep and profound. However, we are not without power in unravelling its mysteries and complexities. We can and should do so beginning slowly and kindly toward ourselves. We can start by beginning to state and assert our needs in small ways, identifying our boundaries and creating space. Writing these down first gives us a chance to feel them and their energy before we communicate them to others.

It is the process by which we bring back a kind of gravitational force in the centre of our existence. What we do in that space can be anything, but it should feel good to be there. We can read, journal (especially freewriting), meditate, paint, sing, or write music, etc. What we are seeking is a reconnection to ones voice. The more we connect to that, the more we allow ourselves to not only be authentic, but to be expressive.

Abuse is the shutting down of one’s voice and identity. If we can reestablish contact with our identity, we remove the conditions which gave rise to the imbalance we find ourselves in now. In other words, the illusion is dismantled and we take off the mask that we thought was ours, that was covering our light and our truth. We move from a dehumanizing framework to a humanizing one. We are not objects fulfilling an agenda; we are intelligent life force expressing pure positive energy.

I believe in the right timing of all things, and like we find in nature, life finds a way to grow beyond limitations. Sometimes those changes are soft, subtle or gradual, often when we lead ourselves first. At other times, those changes are experienced as painful and disruptive, where our resistance is predominant.

We can be unaware that our lives have become stale or stagnant, or that we have followed along a narrative without questioning its validity. Human behaviour is very observant and has a strong element of social bonding associated with collective decisions. It is uncomfortable for most to be left out and isolated. And so we can be prone to following along with what we think of as being the wisdom of those in power. Again, we meet with our inner child that needs acceptance and trusts authority. This is the cycle that is played over many times in many different ways for many people.

In addition to the the proper timing of things, I believe that behind every energetic shift is something deep inside us asking for it without words or actions. Like hitting a huge gong in a desert as it reverberates over the land.

Within us is power and energy that is beyond our wildest dreams. When it is released, our potential is limitless.

The Tower represents such power. This week, we are making contact with it. Moreover, we are facing the threshold of what is separating us from experiencing our power. Our senses will be jolted out of compliance and conditioning, and the energy moving through us will reveal to us a separation from illusion.

We may feel like we’ve woken up to something, that a truth is revealed of some kind, or that we are released from a binding situation that was impeding our growth. It is time. What I love about this reading is that it shows the 4 of Wands directly following The Tower. This is good news. We are seeing the same two people propelled out of their comfort zones and oppression, and into something truly harmonious and appropriate.

Furthermore, these individuals are very happy, signalling that whatever changes occurring now will be very positive. This is a transition into something more sustainable and life-affirming. The shift here is palpable and quite frankly, VERY overdue. As if you’re a grown adult sitting in a Grade 1 chair wondering when recess is.

The forces unleashed in The Tower and recalibrated in the 4 of Wands has been as a result of our intentional focus, conscious or not. What we are moving towards is the achievement of those intentions. Something needed to change in order to get us to where we want to be. That is what is taking place now.

The appearance again of the 8 of Wands, as had appeared in last week’s reading, is continuing the message that what we are experiencing is a fruition of many goals. There is movement in our lives and things are showing us signs of progress. Don’t worry about any shocks or displacements. The old and dead needs to be uprooted so that we can truly be free to be ourselves and to grow into the majestic tree that life is calling us to embody. Let’s go there together.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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