Your Week Ahead: October 11 to 17, 2020 – Back To Personal Matters

6 of Swords, Page of Swords, and 7 of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

Energies of this week feel soft and replenishing. Amid growing turmoil, this reading is a welcome shift in both personal action and reassessment. There is a prevalent theme of detachment in all of these cards, as if to say, let us take a break and get some air. Let us come back to the earth and feel grounded in its wise dark soil.

Whatever has been occupying our thoughts and feeling heavy is perhaps taking a step back in its intensity. We may still feel a certain weight but we are afforded time and space to regroup and heal. We may take a drive out in nature or a walk in the woods. Anything that might bring us calm at this time will be very soothing. See if you can do this for yourself and others.

When we take advantage of restorative activities, especially ones that involve being in nature, we invite new energy into our being. Breathing deeply the forest air full of negative ions and micronutrients filling our biosphere, our spirits are lifted and our vibration rises. This allows for a new stream of consciousness to flow through us and we often find ourselves seeing things differently than we once did.

We may be eager to take on challenges and fight a good fight, but we can learn a lot about our position and that of our opponent(s) in a mindset that is clear and detached from emotional triggers. We can imagine certain scenarios and watch them play out in our mind. It’s not important to get it right or to even be certain of ourselves. It is a time to be nimble and flexible. Some things are just not worth the battle.

This progression from the figure steering the boat in the 6 of Swords, up to the Page and back down to the figure in the 7 of Pentacles shows our return to practical and personal matters. The paddle he/she holds in the boat which touches the water, transforming into the sword that touches the air and sky, and back to the hoe that reconnects and grounds us back to the earth all suggest a maturation of our responses to something recently.

I feel that we have an opportunity to get clear of entanglements that have influenced our defences. Perhaps we felt caught up in the need to press a point and to defend it. Sometimes this is highly appropriate and valuable. We need leaders to step up and be examples of truth and integrity.

However, we can also get lost in an energetic discourse that takes us away from what sustains our being and nourishes our hearts. There will always be those whose voices yell louder. But if we miss the flower that hangs onto the end of a vine, smiling at us and inviting us to play on the ground, then we miss what is truly living and life giving.

I remember listening to Wayne Dyer talking about conflict and I loved what he said. “Just say: You’re right about that.” When we give up our position we drop the ingredients that perpetuate conflict; we drop the duality that is at the core of proving our “rightness”. What is left is a space where we get to be ourselves, and further, that we don’t require anyone’s understanding to be there.

Sometimes we simply need to close the door and either walk away or take a break. Let some momentum subside and see what surfaces later. You might find yourself surrounded by a lot of support that you didn’t expect.

For now, come back to your garden and take out some weeds. Smile at the flowers and plants and thank them for their gifts of colour and food. Find the heart beating in the little creatures that surround you. Listen for the messages they bring. Their wisdom will guide you to the answers to your questions – if only, how to make really amazing apple sauce.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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