Your Week Ahead: October 18 to 24, 2020 – The Gift

Wheel of Fortune, The Emperor, and Ace of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

When change is all around us, altering our once stable trajectory in life, who holds the power? When we are in flux and we have lost sight of answers with only more questions, who do we think is in charge? Do we look to others and react to circumstances imposed on us? Or, do we look inside ourselves and feel a calm knowing that our life flows in a direction that will always be profitable, or at least will lead to a positive outcome come what may.

As we’ve all heard before, the only constant is change, life doesn’t move in straight lines, and the joy is the growing not the arriving. We never arrive; we only begin again and again. Like the great spiral, observed in so many examples in nature on the micro and macro scales. Perhaps the key to understanding change lies not so much in the Wheel of Fortune, but with the Emperor.

Let us see what he is saying to us as he holds in his left hand the key to this week’s reading. Not the Ankh (in his right hand), the Egyptian symbol of life, but in the golden globe in his left which curiously resembles both the wheel in the Wheel of Fortune and the disc in the Ace of Pentacles.

At the heart of the Wheel of Fortune, we find all lines and points at their meeting place. At the centre of any spiral, there is always a point of stillness or relative calm. It is at the extremities that real movement takes place. Having the Emperor, a figure so firmly rooted and immovable, together with a card that always heralds a change of some kind, we can view the change as not only positive but aiding our sustainability.

Something gives way and shifts or moves around. Things get reassembled that allows us to come into contact with a deeper purpose, one that allows success. But we will need to prove ourselves in this test. We need to have a grasp of our identity and know at a deep level how we wish to apply ourselves to that which has shifted.

The Emperor’s message is to understand the core of the wheel and to be stable enough to understand how life moves around us. We must feel rooted at the centre of the hurricane, for the eye is the still point. It is here that we can see clearly and witness the larger patterns and cycles that we progress through. It is here that we can see the full picture and move with the current instead of cling to what is falling away.

It is from this premise that we will know what is taking place and not be thrown around by the forces at work. Change is everywhere and in everything. If we find the calm point and feel his power resonate from our core, we will not get lost in the wind and turmoil. Our vision is solid. As we hold the essence of the Wheel of Fortune in our hands, we can master the imperative to not only adapt, but to advance ourselves forward.

When we do so, the universe conspires to help us. The wheel of change passes through us and emerges in the sky, in a garden of abundance and opportunity. It appears after the winds have subsided and reveals itself to be the gift that comes to us and rewards us on our journey. From here, we can build again and embark from a point of greater connection to source.

If you should find yourself feeling off balance by elements moving through your life, know that you are being guided towards better things with more positive modes of expression. Let the solidity and wisdom of the Emperor speak to your inner being and feel his immovable dedication to his goals and intentions. His authority speaks of your authority and knowing. On the other side is a gift, and a message: that you are not alone, that you have more than enough, and that life is giving you a beautiful fresh start.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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