Your Week Ahead: October 25 to 31, 2020 – The Queen’s Vision

Page of Swords, Queen of Wands, and 10 of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

Being confronted with so much information these days with plenty to confuse us and distract us, it is understandable that our minds have become overloaded or overwhelmed. Our sense of direction has been rattled by a constant barrage of rules and restrictions that many people feel helpless to it all. Many of us will want to stand up and take charge, wanting to regain some control over our lives that seemed to have been held in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

As things stand, it is difficult to know how things will work out. I endeavour to pull cards for these weekly readings in an effort to be inspired by what I see and to offer that information as potential solutions for working with experiences that present certain challenges.

As many have been feeling the rise in pressure once again, looking at potential prospects for an uncertain winter, this week’s reading offers some clues about how we can maximize our productivity and not lose sight of our goals.

The overall feeling of the week suggests that we can approach any overwhelming situations with a gentle and quiet approach. This is not to diminish the importance of feeling determined to regain control. Rather, it is being skillful and tactful so that we can really do our best work.

What we are working with to start off the week is taking a step back to understand where we stand. We may come to some information, as the Page can often represent a message delivered to us. We may better understand the elements of a confusing situation with a more detached stance, not in one too willing to engage but to consider thoughtfully what one is dealing with.

Page’s are often students, emblematic of a youthful approach to learning and curiosity without the demands of the “adult” life and the responsibilities that go with that. Simply put, give yourself a time out and play around with some ideas instead of acting on them. Something about this card here also describes releasing some kind of conflict, or a set of conflicting ideas. The Page is looking to the past. So, you may feel the sensation of being held back and realizing that you can indeed let it go and move forward without its weight.

During this process, you will notice that your skillfulness has paid off and that you are in a much more grounded and mature position. The Queen of Wands here is utilizing a tactful advantage as she has intuited the most productive way forward. She looks forward knowing precisely how to engage, but her ability to be receptive to information indicates a softer approach to action. Here, we see the Queen placing herself in her future, as if she is observing a movie. She can see all of the elements clearly and understands the interconnected energetic relationships involved.

She represents our ability to move with purpose and maturity by considering and internalizing the flow of energy around her. She knows how to proceed not by managing others or by being “in charge”. She “knows” because she is aware of the relationship between thoughts and matter and the universal forces that congregate around such a powerhouse of potential.

Elements are coming together, but without some understanding of our approach, timing, action, and cultivation, we may push too hard without knowing the balance involved. If we make our focus on the material world too strong, we may lose perspective and not appreciate what is working so well around us. If we strive to recognize how life is taking care of us, we can invite that energy into our lives and allow ourselves to participate with it more fully. However, if we seek to control it or manage it, it might lose its magic and leave us feeling disconnected and confused.

Letting things mature and ripen naturally, understanding the unconditional support being provided to us, appreciating all of the small miracles we experience each day and to acknowledge what is working, this will surely allow us to welcome that abundance more consciously. This is the message of the 10 of Pentacles, and the Queen’s vision is based on that knowledge which she is imparting to us and which is being delivered to us by the Page.

At the end of the week on October 31, we have a beautiful Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, the planet of innovation and surprise. The Sun too opposes Uranus from Scorpio at this time. Let your vision build with this energy expanding through the week, just as the reading builds toward the 10 card, the number of achievement and completion. Many wonderful things and awakenings are coming your way.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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