Your Week Ahead: November 1 to 7, 2020 – The Riddle of the Grail

Ace of Cups, 8 of Cups, and Knight of Pentacles, from the After Tarot deck by Pietro Alligo.

In the Spirit of the Sun opposite Uranus with the Full Moon conjunct Uranus, I decided to use the After Tarot deck to offer a different perspective using images we may be used to. I will use the traditional meanings of the cards. However, it’s fascinating to see how those meanings get enhanced.

There is a lovely theme that runs through this week’s spread that shows how energy enters into our lives, circulates and ultimately changes us, or shifts how we feel about ourselves. The key this week is to let it flow unrestrained. We are being taken somewhere; let’s see where.

The Ace of Cups is in many ways beyond description. It is a blessing of love, of energy, of inspiration, of feeling connected. Our heart centre is activated in this image and we are touched by something simple yet profound. We will be starting this week feeling special, as if the universe is speaking directly to us in a voice which only we can hear. An Angel is landing on our shoulder giving us warmth and reassurance that all is well.

It will be a time of deep appreciation and of sensing that a loving force is supporting us. We are tuned into nuances that are beyond ordinary words. We are filled with peace. Our only job here is to let it in and to let it flow freely. The dove flies off having delivered its message, leaving behind the cup which continues to be a fountain of magical waters. Enjoy the moment, brief as it may be, and know that this message has come as an answer to some part of you that was asking for help.

Once we fill our inner cup with such waters, we are shown ways to penetrate the wisdom of its mystery. We may feel the need to withdraw for a time to allow ourselves to integrate something profound that has occurred. It may represent a feeling of being guided to pursue the messages we received, as if to transform something that was initially universal into the personal. We do this by retreat and quiet reflection.

Let us be like Parsifal on the quest for the Holy Grail, pursuing the signs and omens that lead deeper and deeper into our subconscious and origins. We may hear the riddle, “Whom does the Grail serve?” The shift from the Ace to the 8 may feel as if we’re suddenly adrift and scattered, as if trying to reclaim something so briefly felt. Let yourself by pulled and be guided toward your own inner reservoirs. We may need to come to terms with what layers have held us from progressing.

If we cannot understand how to reconnect to source energy then we run the risk of being dependant upon conditions and people to provide that connection, allowing only a superficial notion of our life’s purpose to be exposed. Tune into ways that increase your creativity and that allow ideas to flow to you. Finding time to create a space for such energy to enter will create a pattern fostered through self-respect and self-knowing. We will always know what is in our own best interest; we simply need to allow that voice to speak, unfiltered and unadulterated.

What emerges on the other side of the 8 of Cups is us as the Knight sitting on our gallant horse, connected to the earth and steady in our self-awareness. We have reconnected with the Grail. Horse is also the totem animal representing power and the responsibility to use that power through initiation and testing. The Horse/Grail energy will become a part of our lives and work with us once we have respected this time of forging.

The pentacle which the knight holds is emblematic of connecting our purpose with source. It is the birth of a connection to that which enables many possibilities in life. It is a seed that will sprout a great harvest. We are standing in our field of dark rich earth, ready to cultivate our crops and future prosperity. As with Parsifal, he is ultimately transformed by understanding that he is not serving his ego in his pursuit of the Grail, it is the ego that is harnessed and put to use in service of the Self. We become the Grail, interconnected with all things, living and breathing everywhere.

The cup that has entered into your life will bless, shape and change you in deep and profound ways. Mercury stations direct on Tuesday November 3, revealing mysteries to you and answering riddles you’ve long been perplexed about. When you come out of your “cave” towards the end of the week, let yourself be open to new possibilities. It will be a new day with much potential shining down upon you. You cannot go wrong. You’ve come so far. With renewed stability and confidence, take some steps forward. I have a feeling you will know what those steps will be very soon. You’re ready.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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3 thoughts on “Your Week Ahead: November 1 to 7, 2020 – The Riddle of the Grail

  1. Noticed the colour of the mountain behind the girl matching with the colour of the horse – the mystery revealed to her and integrated into the psyche (the knight)? (as the horse appears to be in a very agreeable composure). Very nice cards, btw.

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