Your Week Ahead: November 8 to 14, 2020 – The Trials of the Authentic Path

The Hanged Man, Page of Swords, and The Hierophant, from the After Tarot deck by Pietro Alligo.

Whether we are like the great Odin, hung on the mystical tree Yggdrasil receiving the profound meanings of the runes. Or, whether we are experiencing a kind of “crucifixion” where, like in the story of Jesus, we surrender to something much larger and profound than our perceptual experience. We seem this week, to be immersed in a shift in consciousness for the sole purpose to connect, receive, and surrender; to pierce the veil of confusion and bewilderment.

Like the Buddha, who sought enlightenment by initially thinking he would starve himself in order to move past the confines of the ego, The Hanged Man is the preparatory stage for Death – of the ego, of the paradigms of thought, of all confinement.

Something is not right; we sense that the only way to answer our questions is to hold space in this very moment of uncomfortable uncertainty. We must embrace this as an opportunity to rest in any struggle and in any feelings of disempowerment. The most empowering thing one can actually do is to wait until information is revealed to us.

This is the message and gift of The Hanged Man. Being upside down, we get to see things from a different vantage point. Blood rushes to our head and the sensation can feel disorientating, as if being pulled down a vortex or whirlpool. Don’t fight it. Let yourself be open to new revelations. What we learn here will be vital at the end of the week.

Both The Hanged Man and the Page of Swords are suggesting some quiet time with a little introspection and investigation. If you feel the urge to do a 24 hour “hot water” fast, the cleanse might assist in your quest, and a kind of bacterial reset of your stomach. I’ve done this several times and I can say from personal experience, the absence of food in our system has a revealing quality that exposes emotional neediness.

On any spiritual path, it is important to be aware of our shadow material. The term “hangry” is probably an appropriate description of the ego asking for acknowledgement. But we can also look deeper and see if there is something about us that is truly being ignored. Food can often cover up neglect and be a distraction from what is actually crying out for attention. If we can let go and learn from what surfaces, we will be working with The Hanged Man and establish a more nourishing and mature relationship to our emotional needs.

The “hanging” effect is not meant to last indefinitely. Coming out of this phase usually happens on its own. The Page of Swords shows us holding a tool of aggression and hostility but in a way that is less involved with it. Detachment from conflict and heightened defence is emphasized here and is as a result of something we learned during our period of revelation.

It is also showing a bridge from what we’ve been shown to what we’ve internalized that then allows us to express it outwardly to others as knowledge. If we are meant to communicate anything worthwhile at this time, it is vital that our ego is purified of ulterior motives. The Hanged Man will no doubt take care of that. However, we must walk an authentic path and offer ourselves with humility.

In Buddhism, it is said: “May this benefit not only myself, but all sentient beings.” This sentiment represents that one’s learning is never complete and that when we share something, we also grow from it. Indeed, we are all in this together. The Hierophant is a card of walking one’s inner path with impeccability. We learn through life experience and through trial and error.

Sometimes it can show us entering into an unconventional or secretive scholastic role, such as private study, or small workshops focused on an intensive field. Whichever it may be, the process of initiation this week has prepared you for a new and deeper phase of learning and teaching, wherein you have the opportunity to extend your field of influence. If you understand the responsibilities inherent in that and execute yourself appropriately, you will have passed an important milestone. This is your opportunity.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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