Your Week Ahead: November 15 to 21, 2020 – Choosing Our Future

9 of Swords, Page of Cups, and 10 of Cups, from the After Tarot deck by Pietro Alligo.

Noticeable again in this week’s reading is a page linking two outer cards, showing a bridge between two distinct realities. Last week, it was the Page of Swords linking The Hanged Man and The Hierophant. Here, we see two experiences that couldn’t be more different, linked by another page. What are we meant to understand by the page’s approach?

When we become too involved in something, wrestling with it week after week, or perhaps chronically over time, the essence of that struggle can surface through our subconscious mind. The 9 of Swords represents such deep seeded sources of anxiety and stress. On the bed is a carved relief of two figures in combat, while overhead are multiple layers of swords.

This can be a card of distress, especially at night, where we wake up from a bad dream or from an unknown restlessness. It is important to understand that whatever is taking place now is in our mind. It’s significance presents us with a choice about how we process and react to conflict. The conflict maybe real; what we are awakening to is how that conflict affects our wellbeing and determining the next step.

Obviously, no one thrives on conflict unless that person is a psychopath. So, this awakening is going to be about choosing to withdraw our energy from that which causes our distress. We are wrapped in a warm blanket with symbols of love (roses) and wisdom (astrological signs). We are protected during this time and it will help us to acknowledge this on a conscious verbal level.

The Page of Cups is the young poet, dreaming up sonnets of affection and Sun-filled carefree longings. The Page is our exit point from the nightmare of perceived extended conflict. While it may not be easy to quickly turn off the anxiety that may have kept us up, we can gradually ease into the mindset of the page by putting on some quiet soothing music, or reading a healing book and making a warm cup of tea.

Anything that gets us out and into the fresh air can shift the focus toward something lighter and positive. Both the 9 of Swords and the Page of Cups show some kind of surprise, represented as the lizard creature scaling the swords, and the fish jumping out of the cup. Either we pursue thoughts of stress, or pursue thoughts of love and creativity – that choice is ours. The mindset we operate from will bring about our experiences and our engagement with them.

As the page looks toward the figure in the bed, it is as if the message is to get up and follow him and not the illusion. Embrace the roses and let the darkness go, for celebration and joy are on the other side. Drop the sword, it’s not worth it. Accept the invitation and come and sit by the fire under the stars. The love you’re seeking is all around you, waiting for you to acknowledge and embrace.

As the 10 of Cups shows us an experience toward the end of the week, take heart and be glad. There is support around you. The illusion of fear and stress is a transitory fleeting moment. It is okay to know what is bothering you or keeping you up. Just don’t dwell there in repeated thought scenarios. Bring yourself back into harmony by choosing differently. The rewards are waiting for you. Take the step.

Affirmation: Today, I use my feelings to discern what is not empowering me so that I can choose a path of action that is in more alignment with my wellbeing. My future conditions are based on what I focus on and in my appreciation of my “now” experience. I love knowing I have this power of creation flowing through me.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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