Your Week Ahead: November 22 to 28, 2020 – Love Releases Darkness

2 of Cups, Strength, and Death, from the After Tarot deck by Pietro Alligo.

A pervasive wave of gentle embrace imbibes our reading for this week. And it appears fitting as a way to address much of what is taking place in the world that seems bent on driving us toward despair and destruction. To drive us apart from one another, to fear the air we breathe, to attempt to take away independent livelihoods, and to impose controls that feel like temporary measures to fulfill another darker aim – all of this is really about the absence of love, not about protection. This is where we need to fill this space with the warmth of our open hearts and loving embraces.

Watching over us and guiding us are our spirit guides and trusted non-physical friends. We are encouraged to find solutions and to listen to one another. To make space for the perspective that is different than our own will alter our way of experiencing what we know. Taking us toward this threshold moves our position of participation with the world so that we allow ourselves to be more than just what we are alone. This is the heart of relationship.

We need this quality more than ever at this time for we are indeed being isolated into perceiving just one vantage point, and one that is being given to us often without our questioning. When do we allow the beauty of human contact to shape our minds and our spirits?

The winged lion above the two people in embrace is an indication of our heart centre being activated. Here we see a reference to the Strength card, itself the card of Leo which governs our heart chakra. The beautiful aspect between these two cards shows a direct contact with that wisdom which is seeking our attention. It is vital that we allow this energy to move through us and into our experience and our relationships. We need to make contact with Spirit. Its message for us will show us many truths that we may have become disconnected from.

The lion of the Strength card has manifested on the physical plane from the initial position in the 2 of Cups. Sexuality, desire, longing, creativity – all of this is asking for our willingness to make it real. Embracing the lion shows that we are unafraid of the consequences of loving not only ourselves and radiating that self worth, but of allowing the power of Love to transform us into the transcendence of light.

Transformation is at the heart of this reading, as well as a deep transition toward something powerfully new. The Death card reveals to us an awakening to what is false, to what has kept us back and defined by old outworn modes of being and relating. Death holds a banner showing a white rose, indicative of our desires being cleansed of repression. When this kind of purification takes place, we move into a new life.

To experience the movement from darkness into light is our willingness to shift obfuscation into deep seated clarity that is profound and direct. What we may be confronted with is an abyss of not knowing what is true. When deception becomes rampant, the havoc can be overwhelming to sort out. We can often find ourselves trusting in authority and ignoring the heart-based network structure that is integral to humanity’s future. Indeed, its very survival depends on it.

There is much at stake, and the precedents being set must call our attention to what it truly means to be human. This reading is a calling to awaken to that humanity now more than ever. To be alive and full of heated drive, fully connected to pure positive energy that thrives on our desire to be totally engulfed in Spirit and well-being. Feel that radiance in your heart. Take a deep breath, let your shoulders broaden, and feel your vitality spread out in your aura. Feel your strength. You are a Lion. Now, let’s hear your roar.

Affirmation: I am moved by the love that flows around me and through me, and I share my love with others that we may lift and transform our lives into greater authenticity and expression. May the love that I express today bring light and joy into the world.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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