Your Week Ahead: November 29 to December 5, 2020 – The Trap

3 of Coins, Knight of Swords, and The Devil, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Multiple meanings are attributed to both the Knight of Swords and The Devil. But when we see these two cards next to each other, we need to pay attention. What is very evident this week is the power of momentum and how important it will be to observe our reactions to things around us, lest we get caught up in situations that might turn out to be rather consuming.

Questions that we might find ourselves asking at the end of the week are: How did I get here? Could I have avoided this? Was this really that important? The wonderful thing is that we have a heads up with this reading so that we can be on the lookout for when things start to spiral out of control.

The energy at the start of the week feels positive and relaxed. We seem to have found a rhythm in what we do and others are appreciative of our work. The 3 of Coins is our presentation to others of our talents. It shows how we interact creatively with others; an environment that is stimulating and affirming.

However, something is triggered in us. We feel compelled to take things deeper or farther. There could be a sense of impatience or competition. Perhaps we feel the need to break away and do things purely as an individualistic pursuit. The impulse is strong and we may feel a stirring that would be better harnessed by a little restraint.

The middle of the week is a time to check in with our motivations and intentions. What do we really think we want here? Because if we see ourselves in the land of The Devil, I can assure you, that is not where we want to be.

The dragon that St. George is slaying in the Knight of Swords card indicates that our potential involvement in a confrontation or conflict will end up consuming us far more than will be empowering to us. This dragon is small and in an inferior position. It needs to be left alone. We need to sheath our sword, take the reins with both hands and lead our horse calmly away. If we don’t, it will take on more energy to dominate us. Our bravery and courage are being used to lure us into a trap. Whatever is flaring up also has the capacity to quickly dissipate when the illusion is not fed the fuel it craves.

The Devil can represent many types of involvement. It can represent a bad investment, a negative individual like a toxic coworker, boss or relative. It can show a relationship that is far from wholesome. “Emotional Vampires” are often disguised as people in need of our empathy. We lower our psychic boundaries and often find ourselves behind closed doors or in environments or conditions that are difficult to leave.

Unable to leave for fear of seeming unkind and insensitive, we stay only to be depleted of our energy as we “take on” the negativity we are being exposed to. If we are not careful, these individuals can take up residence in our very homes because of chronic patterning and our good nature. There simply are those who vibrate on a much different level. We must ensure that the light we share in this world is also invested in wholesome individuals and backed by our deep sense of self worth.

This card can also represent our confusion as we get caught up in conflict, overwhelming desire or rage. Whatever the case may be, the opportunity to be mindful at this time is crucial. This is not about fear; it is about using skillful means and utilizing information about our surroundings to our utmost advantage. The Tarot is not about fate; it is empowered and informed action.

The 3 of Coins is showing us some context here. So I would suggest paying attention to those who you interact with frequently and watch for potential trigger points. Here, it is wise to be humble and silent with an inclination to pause on any advice given to you. I would definitely not engage in any discussion that is provoking or hostile, or that seeks to put you into a role of the “dutiful empath”. Such times are not suitable for productive conversations anyway, so you are better served by walking away and addressing things later if still needed.

Power is discernment. No one has any power over us that we don’t give away first. Your opportunity to express your self worth lies in your ability to engage with your experiences with wisdom, awareness and restraint. When you hold yourself in such repose, nothing will take you away from what is true, nor fill your mind with negative or deceptive entanglements. This is the beauty and power of clarity.

Affirmation: I feel comfortable in waiting and I feel at ease knowing that I don’t have to engage with that which makes me feel uncomfortable. I let go of my need to be right and to prove my point. I continue to focus on my creativity and what I love doing. Everything else does not need my attention at this time.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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