Your Week Ahead: December 6 to 12, 2020 – The Wise Council

Queen of Wands, The Hermit, and Ace of Swords, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Churning within us, smouldering gently in a hearth that we keep alive through our vestal devotions, we feel uniquely aware of ourselves and what we have affirmed in our lives. There is a beautiful power emanating from the Queen of Wands. Surrounded by her non-physical guides, ready to aid her and lead her to all favourable outcomes, she is noteworthy in her understanding of how her future shapes her as she herself shapes her intentions.

She is a queen totally in tune with herself. The wands suit she cultivates gives her clairvoyance and an ability to perceive the most direct path to her personal success and growth. She embodies our impeccability. Now, let us see what message she brings for us this week and what her appearance is signalling within our reading.

The story here is very clearly about investigation and reemergence. Since the Queen may represent a desire to act, rather than action itself, her meeting with The Hermit is of particular significance. She has all the information she needs. Indeed, she embodies it. The indication here is that an important piece of information is missing and we need either an extra hand in sorting that out, or time for it to surface.

As much as we cultivate our ability to be objective, we are often too close to a situation to understand all of its repercussions. How wonderful it is to have someone we can trust, make a warm cup of tea, light a candle and share openly all our hopes and fears without judgment or direction. The truth is right there, on the surface of things, but hiding behind shadows and voices.

We know the answer; we are intrinsically connected to all solutions. The ease and harmony from that place of peace and understanding is the comforting place we need to visit right now. It is the metaphoric hut in some remote forest where we let silence envelope us in its profound mysteries. Let all questions arise. There is nothing off limits. Investigate. Love all of that which surfaces, all of the seemingly immature frolics and youthful visions. Perhaps we’ve been too serious lately, trying to be the responsible one and taking care of others, or even reassuring their own sense of abandonment.

The Hermit represents a time of seclusion and inner sanctuary. His energy is connecting you to a collective consciousness of knowledge, full of this unconditional love I described above. In seeing him look at the queen directly, we are being guided to – or back to – what we already know, or perhaps to what we put away many years ago. We may have repeated a story so many times that we’ve forgotten the impetus that gave rise to the original desire.

Perhaps there is a fear here of sacrificing something in order to move ahead. This may be an illusion that has kept us in a mental loop. Not to worry, The Hermit’s lamp is showing us that our fear is never our fate. If we come back to our personal truth and let any foreign narratives fade into the background, we will be ready once again to affirm what we know to be valid and take renewed steps toward that direction.

What is most important is how we feel about that movement. If it feels like someone else’s solution for us, we will be led astray. The answers that arise out of our meeting with The Hermit MUST be ours, and we must feel inspired and alive by stating out loud those answers. We need to listen to the words we say and ensure that they are our own.

This could be the heart-mind connection that is needed. To take a formless thought and produce words and sentences so that it stands before us as an identifiable form will bring us into contact with the brilliance of the Ace of Swords.

Certain ideas will have reassembled themselves and reintegrated into new, clearer perceptions of our experience. We no longer feel heaviness, rather we get up swiftly and allow energy to circulate freely. The illusion has dissipated and we understand that what was creating a block is no longer tripping us up. The loop is broken and we can get on with things.

There is a lot of clarity now and we can build on this. No sacrifice is required and you are not being asked to compromise on your goals. In fact, one of the messages from The Hermit is to keep quiet on your plans for the moment. Just feel content in knowing what is true for you and feel the clarity of your undiluted resolve. All those who care about you and who are important for your continued positive growth will be there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Affirmation: I accept that I don’t have all the answers right now; I am at peace with that. I allow myself to be led by my internal guidance towards a soft place of reassurance and wisdom. When the time is right, I emerge with a loving clarity that shows me the way ahead. My truth is beautiful.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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