Your Week Ahead: December 27, 2020 to January 2, 2021 – Our Majesty

6 of Cups, Ace of Wands, and Strength, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

After a time of gift giving and enjoying good food and celebrations, we begin this week with themes of contentment and of enjoying the company of others in a relaxed carefree way. Certain pressures seem more distant and less intrusive, allowing us to relax and come back to the simple enjoyments of reading, playing and being creative.

In our leisure, we feel looked after and in a safe space. Something here suggests a reawakened memory of our younger days and of feeling the security of family and loved ones around us. Enjoy the moment and appreciate the love that is present. Memories can also be nourishing as long as we are careful of the pitfalls of nostalgia.

It can be a time to remember wonderful times, but we should keep ourselves rooted in the present and always appreciate where we are and the good work we are doing. We also can benefit by appreciating the love that we are receiving from others now. What we share unconditionally with others is at the heart of true generosity. It is our participation with the flow of abundance that connects us to something beyond merely the physical manifestation; it takes us into the etheric levels of being.

Allow yourself to be taken into a soft place where your worries are left aside and where you lose track of time. What is taking place within this moment of freedom is not only rejuvenating but is connecting you with a new impulse. Perhaps something you’re reading is inspiring you to do things differently or to embark on a new course of action.

The middle of the week is indicating that we’ve touched on something important for our future. We are feeling passionate about a discovery and revelation. We feel confident about an idea and are excited about its potential. The figure in the 6 of Cups reads something, then puts down her book and becomes embodied with that primal impulse, as is shown in the Ace of Wands.

What we are learning and coming into contact with will be expressed even more fully and with a deeper sense of purpose toward the end of the week. The Strength card represents our authenticity in the world. It is our ability to utilize and harness our personal power and to direct it creatively and with awareness. The message here is as much about self control as it is about the embodiment of our personal power.

In your invigoration, harness the energy flowing through you and connect to the powerful truth that emanates from you. Something is flowering within your being and is opening many wonderful opportunities for growth. Explore what that means for you and see if the ways you are expressing yourself are in alignment with your heart’s purpose and in a sustained effort that will not succumb to the whims of transiency. Be bold and take your dreams to the next level. The universe is there waiting to give you the next piece of the puzzle.

Affirmation: This is a perfect time to relax and to be easy on myself. I enjoy allowing myself to be guided to fresh new ideas and to investigate a new potential direction. The future is exciting to me and something beautiful is arising. I embrace my powerful self and trust that all is unfolding perfectly. I am supported.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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