Your Week Ahead: January 3 to 9, 2021 – The New Year’s Path

5 of Coins, 8 of Cups, and 3 of Cups, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

The human spirit, removed from all physical definitions and associations, is pure universal consciousness. We are all undiluted and inseparable expressions of uncontainable abundant energy. The only thing holding us back from acknowledging this and basking in this perspective is an attachment to a set of beliefs or views which hold us in a myopic state of existence.

As many spiritual traditions point out through a diverse array of approaches and definitions, how we remove the circumstances which block our perception of something infinitely greater than ourselves is at the heart of our path in life. How we move toward greater openness, love, and peace is not only a personal affirmation of empowerment, it is the raising of a collective consciousness or vibration which strengthens our connection to limitless potential.

Occasionally, we get stuck. That’s normal for we are human. Experiences of connection and disconnection are like the ripples of an eternal ocean that reflect a multitude of eventualities. If we can pay attention to the reality behind the illusion, behind the fleeting ripples, behind the transiency of what is reflected back at us, then we reach into the sublime. We come into contact with a still point within ourselves that is less affected by disturbing winds and we get a glimpse of what it means to be at peace.

Perhaps we’ve been caught up too much in the affairs of the world and lost sight of what it means to be “in spirit” or inspired. In our attempts to shed a burdensome year, we wonder how things can be different in the months ahead. Many of us, no doubt, will experience anxieties and heavier visions that weigh down on us. This is very understandable. However, we are not without power in our vision.

We can benefit from some planning and forethought, but we can also benefit from not allowing our vision to get mired in any fear, which is only the use of the imagination to create a reaction to a future we don’t want. While some fear is healthy, much of it is unproductive and a waste of valuable energy. We can do better.

The beginning of the week offers us an entry point into the sublime and to leave any disturbing emotions aside. There may be areas of concern that are distracting us and pulling us further into many unknowns. Instead of pursuing this, let us turn and pivot toward a more gentle light, one that offers us refuge from the harsher elements of life. Find whatever space that encourages reflection and positive support.

If we can tune into this energy, its boundaries will hold us and bring us deeper inside, and soon, the louder voices will fade into the background until we no longer hear them. This process will restore us and yield many insights. We may find the solutions to answers arising quietly from our inner being.

The mind is like a muscle; it needs to relax and be soaked in the warm bath of meditation where toxins can be released and flushed out. Come into a still place, focus on the breath. If the mind gets caught in a loop of persistent narratives, simply stop the story and come back to focusing on the breath. Let whatever arises come up. Then, let it pass. Like the ripple on the ocean, let it arise and fall away. Soon, you will find that in your observation of your thoughts, and in your ability to focus on your breathing, you will experience a kind of detachment.

Meditation is not the absence of thought; it is the absence of being entangled in thought.

When we do this often, we develop a relationship to stillness. Perhaps this can be of value to us as a tool for our mental and physical well-being. Having this kind of approach to our personal needs is something that invariably helps everyone around us. Our restored peace of mind brings people and solutions together. We align ourselves with a flow of energy that promotes clarity and integrity.

We are less swayed by the deceitful actions of others and are much less caught up in those machinations. Just as we practiced in our meditation, we simply are not concerned with getting involved with provocations, meaningless arguments, and anything that drains our energy. We are much more positively inclined now and we understand how to better focus and detach.

This week’s reading is about moving from a disconnected state to a connected one. What we can do to get there, how to pivot, meditate, refocus, relax, and remind ourselves of our true nature, is a lesson not just for the year ahead but perhaps for all years to come.

May you begin your year on a most beautiful and positive note. May you come into contact with your heart’s purpose and feel its truth and power. May you express this energy in the world and to others, and through the light that you shine, may we benefit from you.

Affirmation: I take steps today to find a quiet space where I can be myself. I let my worries fade and I breathe in deeply. In this peaceful state, I allow the clarity of my being to arise. When I am ready, I rejoin others, refreshed and rejuvenated in spirit.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a Happy New Year 2021, and a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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