Your Week Ahead: January 10 to 16, 2021 – A New Life Begins

10 of Cups, The World, and 5 of Cups, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Whether we are aware of it or not, a new life is emerging. It can be argued that there is a great deal of societal destruction taking place and that not much is in our control. However, this can also be viewed differently, from an interior framework, or even from an esoteric one. Further, it is indeed necessary to understand that these two perspectives are part of the same process – a collective awakening.

The difficulty is seeing past the illusion of what we think of as “awakening”. Also, to see beyond a time frame of what it means to respond to events, to formulate associations of right and wrong, and to place ourselves on a trajectory by which we align with the most positive outcomes, is to surrender to a kind of cosmic experience that cannot be defined by mundane parameters.

We are a part of an incredible shift, but the end result is not as important as the shift itself. Small moves count for a lot these days. The most important work perhaps is to understand how we create our perception of the world and our fellow humans by cultivating and being devoted to our holistic well-being.

Once this kind of paradigm sets in habitually, many vibrational changes occur even without our knowing. What kind of paradigms could benefit by shifting? Our thoughts, our formulation of habitual thoughts into belief systems, our reactions based on those systems, the continued interpretation of our experiences and the validation of them by means of reinforcing common views held by others, and the inability to recreate our story for fear of deviating from the “certainty” created in this whole chain of association.

So, small moves indeed count for a lot if we can examine the root of why we think of something in a particular way. The next time we formulate an opinion about something, ask if this is really true. If it is true, why is it true? If it is an assumption, ask how this conclusion was reached? Were there previous examples of this experience that helped to create certainty?

If we can suspend belief at any time, we have the opportunity to react differently. Just because something is taking place does not mean we are ostensibly bound to it. Some of the best solutions arise once we step back from our usual interpretations and reactions. It is in this space that we can find creative moments to redefine our relationship to them.

Creating the space is a crucial step. Without it, we are moving with less self-awareness and consequently operate more on unconscious patterns, as if on auto-pilot. The loop continues along with our frustration. To stop the loop is to detach the link of association described above. Acknowledge the reaction, but insert something new and fresh by saying, “This is an opportunity for me to react differently. Today, I am taking strides to engender a new perspective, one that is more in alignment with my happiness and well-being. I don’t have to pursue this, I can wait until I have more information. I want to feel better, and so I focus on something more pleasing to me.”

What is my point in this as it pertains to this week’s reading? The 10 of Cups and The World are two cards that are indicating the completion of a chapter that has put us in touch with something very harmonious and joyful. They both represent how the results of our devotional efforts have played out in our lives as deeply meaningful shifts in energy and vibration.

There is reflected here the happiness of continued and sustained awareness of our needs and our ability to understand how to nourish ourselves amidst so much turmoil and adversity. The World is the last card of the major arcana. It appears at a time when our cycle of growth has created the platform for our new life and a new beginning.

We find ourselves inherently knowing where we are in life. We have embodied the truth and meaning of what we have learned. It is a place of achievement and rest as we embark toward the future. Arriving at this point, we have understood how we have played an important role in creating our experience and even in how we may have influenced others.

A portal opens and we get to pass through. What message does the 5 of Cups have for us as we take our new steps through this cosmic birth channel? Simply to leave the past behind us. It suggests here that we may have some difficulty letting go or are saddened by the passing of what was. Nostalgic and reflective, we are also reassured and guided.

Angels are with you and supportive influences beckon you to embrace what is unfolding. Let yourself be moved by the momentum of energy moving in your favour. Some things that couldn’t be changed have left your experience. Let this shedding of skin be your celebratory ritual of cleansing. The struggle is over, the convincing ended. A new life begins. Stand up, take a deep breath, love the past for what it has taught you, and turn towards welcoming and outstretched hands.

Affirmation: This is a beautiful and perfect time in my life. I celebrate myself and walk towards the new life that is unfolding perfectly for me now. I surrender and trust that I am well taken care of.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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