Your Week Ahead: January 17 to 23, 2021 – Choosing Serenity

The Hanged Man, The Empress, and Temperance, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Sometimes, in order for life to proceed to the next stage, it is necessary to stop what we are doing. In our pursuit of happiness and success, we still need to recalibrate either our expectations or our awareness of life in order to allow shifts to take place. We can bang around all we want and not accomplish anything, or we can take moments to allow for inner adjustments.

Putting ourselves in a position of deliberate pause can be uncomfortable and it requires maturity and ability. It is, however, a great gift that we can give ourselves when confronted by unknowns or by having gone through some challenge. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we want to gain a deeper understanding of something at this time. We want the truth. We want answers. Our perspective needs to change so that we can see things from a different angle.

Perhaps we’ve been feeling held back and frustrated by the opinions of others. Maybe we’ve experienced a separation or a parting of ways. We can sense that changes are all around us and we are sensitive to the chaos. We may have felt attacked for holding views which differed from a greater narrative and there maybe things we don’t feel comfortable talking about.

Whatever is taking place at this time, we are calm. We are benefiting from taking this step back from the brink of possible volatility. The Hanged Man is the experience of seeing past the illusion and into the true nature of things. It is a time to examine our situation and our response. Where others are quick to rush into things, we understand that a nuanced approach to disturbing emotional climates keeps our peace of mind intact.

At the beginning of the week, allow for small adjustments in thinking. Don’t rush into anything. Take a moment to see things clearly and calmly while taking in the larger picture. Surrender to an energy that is taking you inwards. What should arise is a feeling as if some conflict has passed without our involvement. This is the sensation we’re after. If you’re moved to write that heated email full of expletives and determined fact checking, press save instead of send and see how you feel in a day or so. You might find it’s not worth it. In this pause, we might come to some understanding of human nature and our placement within its dynamics.

Having The Empress right next to The Hanged Man suggests that we have come out of this suspension with grace and peace. She is also calm, and imbued with loving protection and nourishment. This emergence of self is actually a contact point with the physical world. If The Hanged Man represented the pull into our self, The Empress represents our rebirth.

We are connected to all things physical. We are touched, guided, looked after, and refreshed in the waters of the feminine principle. We understand that instead of reacting to outside confusion, we serve ourselves better by cultivating that which creates rather than destroys – love over hate, acceptance over judgement.

This is an energy we allow by opening up rather than closing down. It is self-care, self-love, and creating space for that to flow around us. If we notice, we are not involved with troubling encounters. It is left aside and finds no access point because our devotion does not operate on those levels.

Devotion is a key word here. Devotion is not forced; it is expressed naturally. We don’t force a plant to grow; we nourish it with loving care and make sure it is watered and placed in an environment that has light. So it is with the physical continuum we call the human experience. We are what we expose ourselves to and consume.

Health and well-being are the manifestations of our devotion. In our understanding of this, we are continually creating something new. Energy flows through us at all times and it is, as if by magic, that our lives become effortless. We are not tossed around by pressures and fads. We are in balance with our environment and with forces that are seeking expression through us.

Temperance is the creation and recreation of energy in constant flow. We are both receptive and directive, active and passive, in physical and in spirit. Ingredients here are broken down and reassembled with better fortitude as a result of our commitment and creativity.

Looking at all three cards together, there’s a sensation of a circuit breaker or a karmic pattern released. The cause/effect relationship has played out in some area and we are moving beyond its definition and parameters. There is serenity and calm illustrated in all three, and each is looking toward the future with positivity and trust. We have made our peace.

The actions you are aligning with now reflect more of what you want and how you wish to interact with your environment. Allow for changes to manifest in your life and welcome incremental shifts to occur. Place yourself in an environment of light with nourishing food and language. Make sure that your roots are planted well in the dark moist rich soil of your devotion. What happens next will be pure magic.

Affirmation: This is an important time of growth for me. I cultivate my experience by opening myself up to loving energy. I can choose to respond differently. I can create a better outcome. I love this moment.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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