Happy New Year 2021 P.S. – The Power of Positive Language

Happy New Year dear readers! I felt inspired yesterday reading an update from a holistic centre who I keep in touch with in Toronto. As I was reading their newsletter, I was almost unsure about what exactly was being announced. What became apparent as I read was that they were closing their location.

What I loved about how they described the transition was that there was no mention as to why they needed to close, the conditions that led to that decision, nor any mention of any adverse experiences or apprehensions for the future.

There was only appreciation. Appreciation for the space they’ve occupied for years, the community that was created and nourished there, and the valuable events that took place within that safe space.

There was an expressing of surrender to the unknown, to a push toward a change of environment, and to let the future come into form through trust and acceptance. It was beautiful to read. There seems to have already been some discussion about these changes and that now seemed like the time to let go and let things flow.

Reading the email, one never got the impression that they may have closed because of any financial hardships or struggles paying rent due to the lockdown. There wasn’t even any mention of the word “virus”, “lockdown”, “social distancing”, “help or aid”, nor being sad nor any indication that they were having difficulty of any kind. Indeed, it is as I write this that I am supplying my own potential interpretation for their move.

All I was left with was their beautiful language about their transition. Their experience was simply focused in a way that only contained the best vibration and a heartfelt alignment with what they would like to continue.

This is the power of positive language and thought. It inspired me and gave me an example of how to approach uncertainty. When this becomes a dominant approach, one’s whole life can shift in incredible and magical ways. Whatever I focus on grows. Whatever I describe becomes my experience, and whatever is left out is simply not a part of my experience. It is not even identified as that which is left out; it is absent.

I always have a choice to make peace with where I am and to tell the story that I want to tell. Sometimes I think I could have done better, but that’s okay, today is today’s opportunity to try again.

So, I hope you feel inspired to create a beautiful story for your New Year. Let it be everything you want it to be and more, and then trust and surrender that things will adjust accordingly. If you leave some extra space to be surprised by the Universe, all the more wonderful.

All my best,

Daniel Palmo

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