Your Week Ahead: September 26 to October 2, 2021 – The Art Of Allowing

Page of Cups, 2 of Wands, and King of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Can you see it? Can you feel it? What does it say to you as you imagine it? Are you fascinated with its possibilities or distanced by the recurring “I don’t yet have what I need” phrase? In other words, is our inclination more toward the vision without conditions and for the appreciation for where we are? Or, are we asking for the “thing I don’t yet have”? Fear not, it’s a tricky subject, and it needs some time to sort out.

In basic terms, there is a mental frame of mind that is more open, spontaneous and unconditional, where we feel inspired and creative, and less concerned with what is lacking. The rhythm and flow of energy that comes through us is a kind of dance where we don’t always know where we’re headed but we enjoy the process anyway.

Then there is an attention, sometimes a loop of patterned thinking, that is repeating the need for something which hasn’t come about or manifested. It can even feel like a kind of prayer for this aspect to come to us. But if we pay attention, we may notice that we’re focusing our attention on “that which I have not received”. It’s less creative and more heavy, based on conditions and criteria which we have determined will make us happy once we receive them. It is defined by the perspective that what is in our now experience is insufficient, lacking or restrictive.

Many of us can be caught in this type of inner conversation, especially if things don’t improve, or if we are comparing ourselves with those who may appear to be in better situations. There is always a movement from one side of this equation to the other and we can move from one day feeling sufficient to another day feeling very disconnected. We are, after all, human beings with emotions and real life experiences that are asking for improvement. However, simply noticing the internal dialogue surround important topics dear to our dreams will help in allowing a real and meaningful shift in bringing solutions to the forefront of our lives. Sometimes there are no simple answers, but there can be simplicity and gentleness in how we approach those questions as we ask them.

This week’s reading takes us on a progression from youth to adult to master. Each figure holds something special, and in each case, what is held transforms ever so slightly. In the Page of Cups card, a surprise comes jumping out of the cup. In the 2 of Wands, a man holds a globe and he dreams about his potential. Finally, in the King of Pentacles, the king holds his prize with tenderness upon his lap.

We move from spontaneity to dreaming to tangibility through a process of maturation as well as an expansiveness in our mindset. Each card also shows how we move from what we are curious and creative about to using what we know and have to formulate the next stage in our approach. Finally, bringing about the fruits of the process we have been involved in by sensing and participating in this evolutionary unfoldment. Truly allowing things to move in a positive direction is the key here – not pushing, nor forcing, nor any over-focusing or strain.

Experiences this week will feel slow and steady, based on our reading. Any time we see a page card, we can feel easy about things and take in all that is presented to us in a gentle manner with no expectations on how we will do or where we ought to go with it. The Page of Cups is a playful and creative card where things arise naturally, almost nonchalantly. It’s not a time to take ourselves too seriously.

As we develop into the 2 of Wands, we find ourselves suddenly exploring our options in a way that might feel new. We know what we have and we feel rather safe and secure in our footing. From here, we can dream about the “what ifs”. Our views about things are small. However, that is a good place to be in for now as it contains less resistance regarding future prospects. Here, we can make notes and explore our options. Our world is growing larger, but for now, we can – and should – start small and with small steps.

Mercury stations retrograde on Monday September 27 and I feel that the Page of Cups and the 2 of Wands aptly describes this slowing down process. Make no commitments and refrain from signing any documents or contracts. Take your time and explore all of your options in a relaxed fashion. If you feel pressure, my suggestion is to wait. Pressure is a red flag that needs to be listened to. Most things can wait.

The King of Pentacles is confident and collected, seated in his domain, no longer looking towards the horizon but to the pentacle that is inseparable from him and his garden. He represents the connection that is felt when a certain level of mastery is achieved. This card can represent a kind of monetary management that is flowing well enough that doesn’t hold us back or down. It can be about a small achievement as well as a larger one. The sensation is also about recognizing what is working very well, as well as the satisfaction contained in that recognition.

The appearance of the fish in the Page of Cups is the creative impulse as well as the creative play of the universe that comes to us in our child-like openness. This manifestation changes into the globe in the 2 of Wands as we hold it and make physical contact with it, developing its ideas and following its pull of potential. As it transforms again into the pentacle in the King of Pentacles, our physical connection with it is stronger and brings about some kind of result. The energy is grounded and we recognize it, and value its presence.

However way things unfold for you, the King of Pentacles represents a successful outcome, one that you will be happy with. Take your time with it. Small steps will yield meaningful results and you will be proud of yourself that you did it right.

Affirmation: I can slow down a bit and take my time now. I know that I am being guided towards a very beautiful future and outcome, and I am enjoying how things are unfolding. This is a very creative process for me. I trust my decisions and I feel informed about what is important and confident that, when the time is right, I will be completely present. I am managing my affairs with honesty and impeccability.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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