Your Week Ahead: July 3 to 9, 2022 – The Beauty Of Change

Death, 5 of Swords, and 9 of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

All that is fixed must die. All that is oppressive must change. All that we are comes forth as if blooming from adversity. These three statements encapsulate this week’s reading as we move through distinct yet interwoven themes. The most prevalent energy here is the energy of emergence.

When we think about the meanings of the Death card, often the word “transformation” comes up. While this is accurate to some degree, it is important to look deeper into what that really means and why death is transformative.

While the card hardly ever describes actual death, it does represent the death of something. This can be uncomfortable for some and liberating for others. It really depends on the personal experience.

Within the card lies two perspectives. There is the passing away of something that has outlived its energetic cycle, and there is the approaching new life. Death represents the moment these two intersect and the realization or acceptance of that transition.

“Transformation takes place when we embrace death as a natural quality of life and the understanding of how cycles end and begin.”

There is no mistaking the fact that a certain element of our lives has ended. The appearance of the figure of death riding the horse makes that very clear to us. Transformation takes place when we embrace death as a natural quality of life and the understanding of how cycles end and begin. In fact, the Death card is a very peaceful card, for within peace lies the surrender to new life.

Having the 5 of Swords right next to Death might suggest that we are feeling a bit sad and nostalgic for the past, and that we don’t have as much choice in the changes as we would hope. We might feel like lashing out or extending a level of dominance over others that we feel is being exerted upon us within this process. It’s okay to feel this way but mindfulness is needed so that we don’t keep ourselves from experiencing the changes and growth that is vital for us now.

If we follow the path that is lit for us, we will experience the 5 of Swords as a physical encounter with our past and how we are bold enough to disarm those things that have prevented change. There might be emotional reactions seeking to prevent this change from taking place. However, the importance of remaining true to oneself will keep our commitment strong.

Some parts of the death process will evoke sadness. Bless those elements and appreciate their time in your life. Our lives are like continuous streams of energy, flowing and interweaving with many things and many people. As we evolve and grow, so too do our experiences.

Commitment is a key quality of the 9 of Pentacles and it describes the fulfillment of a path of focus. Its appearance after the two preceding cards shows how we have benefited immensely by these changes. They might have demanded a lot from us but our determination will pay off.

This describes our discipline and our ability to harness the changes playing out in our lives. We have valued this process of death and we have appreciated its effect and importance. We have touched upon a simple truth: we are only accountable to ourselves for our choices and actions. For when we die, who do we blame? There is no one except our deeply present relationship to Source and to the purity and oneness of that state.

This could be a time when we see this more clearly as the universe helps to cleanse us from outworn things that are holding us back. This reading is intended for this week, so it could be about something small or something larger. Whatever the case, see how you are guided this week and what messages come to you. Beautiful things await you within the balance of surrender and commitment.

Affirmation: I embrace the changes that are occurring now and the nudges from the universe showing me new directions. As old elements are washed away, I make peace with any imbalances so that I am more authentic in my life, more devoted to my path, and more welcoming of my thriving future.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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