Your Week Ahead: April 23 to 29, 2023 – Regenerative Forces

8 of Swords, 8 of Cups, and 5 of Wands, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

The art of regeneration is really a combination of understanding the value of any present moment. We may think we are confined to a certain space, but what can be different is how we utilize the energy we are given. If we have an acceptance of what is in the present, we increase a kind of spatial awareness. A sense of internal peace sets in and we can find detachment and healing.

I often wonder how I would react or behave if I were to be sentenced to a long prison sentence. I actually thought about this just the other day, watching a movie where one of the characters was in jail for a year and how he was incredibly miserable and in a deteriorating state.

Obviously, I’m rather tone deaf to such a situation as I am simply playing at this idea. However, I could very well see myself devoting a lot of time to meditation and study, and trying to find a neutral position so that I’m not in a constant state of anger and resentment.

What does any of this have to do with this week’s reading? I suppose it’s seeing the 8 of Swords beside the 8 of Cups. In the first card, a sense of isolation can occur where we can feel boxed into a space and cornered by internal voices of judgement. We have the sensation that we can’t move freely and that we are bumping into uncomfortable areas.

The key here is about how we make use of this sensation. If we feel like we are trapped by the absence of alternatives, then things can start to feel heavy. If we can tune into an understanding that we are not held back by anything and that whatever tells us otherwise is simply an illusion, then we can lift our wings like the eagle and rise out of that confined space.

The only thing that really holds us back are old ways of interpreting current events. It’s the guilt we feel or some other kind of suppressed shame that surfaces now that asks us to release its hold. We are only cornered if we think no alternatives exist. The alternative is the opportunity to see things differently and to act differently, or at least tell a different story about what is actually happening.

The second card describes that we are working with deeper material. This again underlies the fact that we are working with subconscious material rather than something external imposing its restrictions on us. What is interesting is that the woman rising from the depths has an openness about her. This suggests how we can make peace with the past and find the beauty of regeneration even in a sensation of inner tension.

We are never denied access to Source or to the purity and expansiveness of Spirit. It is only the mundane expressions of control and fear that keep us back from stepping into our most empowered selves. Regardless of who or what gave voice to those fears or controls, the moment is now, now to tell things differently, how we want it told and by our voice, not someone else’s.

In the 5 of Wands, we see this woman standing with blooming lilies in the centre of a volcano. This describes our free flowing connection to deep powerful undercurrents of personal vitality and truth. It is evident that we are working well this week to purify old elements from our system. Who are we really? Can we stand in our truth and find stability there? This is not about pushing back against anything. It’s about knowing what is true for us and what is not ours to carry.

We move through these kinds of cycles all the time. These are the gifts of life: to continuously come back into vibrational harmony with source and with ourselves. We take on too much and often lose ourselves in the process. If you can find some time this week to feel more alignment with the undercurrents of your Self, you may just shed a few beliefs and voices that were keeping you from exploring some new territory. This new territory is holding some important messages for you now and the universe is trying to get your attention. Let yourself be guided to its soft voice and loving prompting.

Affirmation: I can rise above any old stories surfacing now. It’s okay because I understand the past. This current moment is where my peace exists. It is the place of power and creativity. I come into the light because I am not afraid of the darkness. My power is regenerated and rejuvenated. I am here, now.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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