Your Week Ahead: May 7 to 13, 2023 – The Other Side

4 of Swords, The World, and Princess of Pentacles, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

After a period of heightened energetic flow with the recent eclipses these past two to three weeks, a time for spiritual rest and integration is needed. One can never really know how the eclipse energy will manifest. The main theme that the universe is giving us is one of change and of moving into a more productive future.

A lot of psychic debris, stagnation, and the status quo can inhibit our ability to see the larger picture in our lives. We may not see or understand what needs to change because we could be too close to the subject material. Our emotional attachment also may prevent us from considering alternatives because of the anxiety we could sense on the other side of a decision.

This is a normal part of life and the key I think is to be kind to oneself and to trust that we are being led on our journey. If we become calm, we can have an increased capacity to step back and to allow changes to flow more freely, and to sense them more clearly. Basically, to get out of our own way and let the good stuff come to us.

Sometimes this happens fast and noticeable, and sometimes they occur gradually, working through various levels of psychological paradigm shifts and resistance. With eclipse energy, one thing is certain: We always emerge on the other side different than where we started, in a new place, a new air, and a new perspective.

This week’s reading characterizes this shift very beautifully. It suggests a time of integration and of gentle surrender. Standing out in the centre is The World card. It always describes some kind of transition from one form to another. It is also the acceptance and recognition of one’s accomplishments as it allows us to feel as though we’ve embodied the best of what we are leaving behind. We’ve past many tests and we are ready to complete and begin again.

This is a portal where our cycle of closure meets a new cycle of life. In this rebirth, we feel a genuine sense of self-worth and contentment. We are not demanding of anything or anyone. We are at peace in the centre of the wheel of life. The preceding 4 of Swords tells us to give this movement some space for rest and spiritual attunement. The changes that may have taken place, or continue to be unfolding, need time for healing and surrender. This is about connecting with our spirit guides and finding shelter in their energetic company and listening to their subtle messages for us.

To sense our rhythm in the cosmic ocean tide will ease our body and mind. It will help us to understand our intentions and to nourish them while engendering the acceptance of the past and of what is passing from view. Self-love and acceptance of what our past taught us will prepare us for a more wholesome future so that we can bring life to it in a more authentic way.

That future appears after The World card as the Princess of Pentacles. We are indeed finding ourselves in a new environment, very much renewed and rekindled. There is so much new life here that we are bringing forward and affirming. She represents a child-like attitude where the world is fresh with possibilities. Her carefree manner allows life to flow where it needs to go without interference.

As we emerge in this new cleansed state, we will feel lighter and less burdened. We can feel more appreciative of the providence of the universe because we are not as concerned with the “how and why”, but more with the “it is beautiful just as it is”. She is perhaps telling us how to have more of this approach and how lovely it is to feel this abundance and to notice the magic that is all around us.

Affirmation: I find a new rhythm of peace and harmony as I allow myself to pass through to a new life of new beginnings. This unfolding energy is my unfolding spirit that welcomes all that is waiting for me. I am embraced by beautiful change.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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